Jewel In Shape Aquascapes For Ipad, Iphone, Android, Mac & Pc! Massive Fish Is The Number One Location For The First-rate Free Games

Jewel Match Aquascapes is rated3.7 out of5 by6.

Rated 5 out of5byboxer306 fromBeautiful oceanOf all of the jewel fit video games I have that is my very favourite! Beautiful ocean backgrounds, lovable fish to add to castles beneath the ocean. Same recreation mechanics, however if you like ocean scenes and ocean fish/creatures you will like this recreation.

Rated five out of5byXFreak fromAlways be my favored collection !!What can i say approximately this series ?

Always gratifying and addicting.

Great visible and surroundings, high-quality degree design.

Its best for killing time!

Rated 5 out of5byZobig fromSuper Fun AddictiveI bought it in CE , have played the game again and again it’s miles addictive has such a lot of matters to perform, by no means dull .

I always purchase all of Jewel Match video games in no way have been disappointed. Fun, Fun,Fun

Rated three out of5byshreksma fromBeautiful and yet too difficultThis game is so beautiful in each colour and sound. I believe that maximum suit 3 enthusiasts will without a doubt love it. I play my different Jewel Match games every day at the Relaxed mode level and have no difficulty spending an hour or two of pure pride in the night playing them, however this game is just too hard for me as an older person who isn’t always correct at difficult. Even as early as degree 2 I discovered myself just matching time and again with no potential to development and kind out a way to make fits to progress what changed into needed. Not anyone can clear up those issues and the Relaxed mode in all my different Jewel match games makes it smooth for us older ones who just play for the delight of watching the sparkles and being attentive to the cute sounds, and can progress through the levels effortlessly. Please builders, please make the Relaxed/smooth level right into a stage that is plausible for dummies like me. There is masses inside the game for individuals who thrive at the Insane stage. Relaxed mode must mean relaxed, not sitting there wondering if there may be any way to get beyond red traces and other limitations. I’m honestly not complaining – the sport is lovely, I’m just hoping that it could be made simply a piece simpler for the ones folks who’re suffering, however who would really like to maintain gambling it.

Rated 2 out of5byjmttm fromToo a whole lot going onI usually like several Jewel Match games. But this one, similar to any other I didn’t like, made me frustrated on sure tiers with the in no way finishing “spinning” components of the extent. No, I would not buy this game at all. In fact, I failed to go the 60 mins. Not fun for me.

Rated 2 out of5byrobinr_67 fromToo hard, too quickly.I even have bought each different Jewel Match and have cherished each unmarried one. This one is so difficult from the start that by degree four or five I was suffering to finish on time. There are too many complicated matters to figure out even on the tutorial levels! In-recreation energy u.s.are tough to return through and gold for enhancements accumulates at a snail’s tempo. I made it to stage 20 and gave up due to the fact for me, it changed into simply too difficult to be fun. Unfortunately for me, I offered this one sight unseen because Jewel Match in no way permit me down before. Had I performed the unfastened trial, I could now not have bought it. If you want wonderful challenging fit 3s, you’ll in all likelihood love this. If you’re like me and are looking for extra of a slight challenge, sincerely attempt it out before you purchase.

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