4 This Consumer Empathy Marketing Example Is Effective During Pandemic

4 This Consumer Empathy Marketing Example Is Effective During Pandemic
4 This Consumer Empathy Marketing Example Is Effective During Pandemic

There are many ways to get consumer engagement wrong the other is to have empathy for consumers. Empathy itself is a situation in which you can feel, see, and understand the situation, condition, perspective of even the emotions of others. In modern marketing science even in a narrower context, touching customer emotions is a mandatory thing to do while implementing marketing strategies.

Moreover emotions are also very close to experience. Human will feel his experience more through taste. Knowing consumer emotions also helps you to determine even designing your product. To this end, marketing with a consumer empathy approach is indispensable in order to be able to touch the emotions of consumers as an attempt to conduct an employee engagement.

Utilizing Consumer Empathy in Pandemic

During the pandemic people’s mental conditions will experience three thing; feel fear, haste, and lose control. People tend to move based on his psychology he experienced back then. This was proved when the first case of COVID-19 in Indonesia people flocked to buy masks without thinking long. McKinsey also stated that in times of crisis especially the COVID-19 pandemic consumers would decide to buy something based on what they lined need.

This is also emphasized in research conducted by a marketing dive. 56% of customers will choose products that have empathy for consumers in times of trouble. In this case it is a COVID-19 pandemic. After learning that consumer empathy-based marketing is very effective in times of pandemic crisis, Here you can replicate 4 examples of empathy marketing that your business can try.

Make Your Business Operations Known to Consumers

One way of shaping consumer empathy is to tell your current business conditions to your consumers. How do you manage a product, your current state of business, its health procedures, its workflow, up to delivery you can notify consumers. For example you manage a packaged food business, you could create live or campaign videos on social media how you process food to be sold, how to pack your products, to condition your employee.

You could also tell the consumer what condition is facing your business today by building interaction. So that your empathy and brand can get to your consumers. For example you’re a software services entrepreneur, you could tell consumers that a COVID-19 situation like this leaves on-site consulting compromised. So that you offer discounts and alternative media consulting to consumers as a form of empathy. In addition to operational and conditions, You also needs to be open about how your products get into the hands of consumers. For example when items will be shipped, inform consumers that they could have experienced delays due to large-scale Social Restriction regulations and others.

Get Your Consumers Directly Involved

How to provide the best empathy is to practice it straightforward. You could engage your consumers in your business processes. There are various ways that your consumers get directly involved with your business. For example by crowdsourcing products from consumers where the proceeds from the sale of the products will be donated to hospitals. You could also engage consumers by opening opinion channels and product-related inputs or strategies that could be done. Make consumers owning your brand is the basic output of building empathy on marketing strategies. In addition you can also make a “By purchasing our products, you are contributing to the handling of Covid-19” . Don’t forget to attach anywhere the funds already raised will be donated, create a web dedicated to collecting total donations with real counts so that buyers can also join in monitoring the progress of donations. Manage sales proceeds with the donations raised, you could apply a 5% cut-off method for each purchase to be included in the donation fund.

Flexibility Form and Reliable After Sales

Flexibility on consumers could you offer if you focus on the products of the service. For example alone by extending payment terminology, money-back guarantee, and also payment disbursement flexibility. You could also create a reliable sales pure a service for example by extending the warranty period, a 24-hour service with video conference media, and also a free consulting service. A reliable after-sales or after-sales service can build good empathy for consument. Let’s just say you’re moving in cosmetics. You could claim your product and provide a money-back guarantee if the product you are selling is fake or it could have adverse effects on consumers. This trick is judged to ordinarily increase consumers’ confidence in a product because of the existence of collateral or warranty. However, before you claim the product you are selling it is good that you also verify in advance the accuracy of your product so that honesty is created here.

Personalize Your Business Campaign

When pandemics occur, people tend to get stressed and scared. People tends to choose the items that suit themselves best. Position your brand campaign as a consumer. Make your consumers say, “we are in the same boat” when viewing your brand campaign. Create a brand campaign that could make consumers think that you care about them. Shareable content, personalized advertisement, up to satirical comedy content you could try as your brand campaign.

Remember, however, campaigns created should not be sensitive which is in conflict with the current pandemic conditions. For example, you’re a food businessman and using the campaign.


The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced governments in Asian and Pacific region countries to undertake massive regional and social lockdown policies. As a consequence, the policy caused economic and social activity to become disrupted which ultimately impacted the overall disruption of the economy including disruption in the lab or market and a decline in the income level of workers across the region. COVID-19 also has an impact on pandemics level in the region. The contribution of the largest increase in movement in the Asian and Pacific regions comes mainly from informal working groups consisting of millions of low-skilled workers at low wages.

In almost all countries in the Asia and Pacific regions analysis, both the private and public sectors are experiencing widespread work system migrations from office to home to reduce the potential spread of the virus. To ensure workers’ safety, governments of countries in the Asia and Pacific regions have drawn up guidelines for work implementation during the pandemic to protect workers, including programs and policies on occupational safety and health standards, workers’ compensation and allowances, working hours, and other emerging workers’ problems because of the pandemic situation. That’s the examples of empathetic marketing practices you could try in times of pandemic. Hopefully this article will help you who are struggling to maintain your business. Thank you.

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