5 Application of Marketing Psychology worth Trying

5 Application of Marketing Psychology worth Trying
5 Application of Marketing Psychology worth Trying

marketing psychology is the greatest understanding motives that can affect emotions as well as market actions in view of a product as well as a service offered by a business, what are the application strategies that could be undertaken to grow a business? Have you ever wondered why so many fast food companies like McDonald’s and Burger King use red in their logos? Many people argue that because psychologically, the color red makes people feel hungrier. While others argue that it is merely a bright color that attracts attention.

Whatever the real reason, companies uses psychological marketing strategies to bring customers in droves to their places. If you don’t already understand marketing psychology, then your marketing strategy isn’t arguably perfect yet. Let’s say you haven’t figured out how to influence the public through sentences that could trigger their emotional triggers. Then this could have caused your business’s sales conversion rate to drop or even worsen. On the contrary, if you manage to use marketing psychology correctly, then of course your marketing will be easier and certainly your sales conversion will be bush smoothly.

Getting to Know the Term Psychology Marketing

marketing psychology is the greatest understandingp motives that can affect emotions as well as market actions in view of a product as well as a service offered by a business person. Marketing psychology will help you understand the motives that affect the emotions as well as the actions of consumers in their view of a product as well as the services offered.

Concepts / Principles of Marketing Psychology

The following are the principles of consumer behavior dalam marketing psychology related to efforts in developing a business:

  • Priming. In psychological science, Priming described as a state by which a stimulus or event may augment certain information that was previously remembered. Many business people are using priming marketing techniques subtly. You can help website visitors to remember important information about your brand, or it can even affect their purchasing behavior.
  • Reciprocal. Simply put, if someone melI want something for you, then you’ll naturally want to do something for them. In business there are many ways that can be used to take this mutual advantage. Starting from vouchers, souvenirs of branded shirts, exclusive e-books and others.
  • Social Proof or social evidence is the theory that people will adopt the beliefs or actions of a group of people they like or trust. One easy way to make the most of social proof is through a website or blog.
  • Decoy Effect. Provides multiple product options which is almost the same at different prices will make people have many options before deciding on buying the item. This technique is often referred to as the Decoy Effect which is a very powerful and effective psychological technique.
  • Principle of scarcity. This principle will go back on formulas the less likely the opportunity, content, or more valuable a product is, then people will be more easily interested in owning it. But it is important to note if it is to apply this principle. If you approach the concept of scarcity as if goods are very rare, when the product is very popular, then people can be very receptive.

Tips for Application of worthy Marketing Psychology

Then, how do I apply psychologi marketing properly on your business? If your business wants to give customers a good impression, here are five psychology-based marketing tips you could learn:

  • Emotional Awakening of Prospective Customers

Have you ever bought something just because of the goods which you buy such could boost the mood and get you excited? It seems that the worst is often experienced by many people in the world. According to some neuroscience experts, emotion is a necessary element and has the most influence on purchasing decisions. Have you decided to buy a favorite candy up to your dream car. Those considerations such as how specifications, functions, and other technical matters will be defeated by an emotional buyer. So, instead of telling your customers how great your product is by demonstrating its features and specifications, know them how it will make them feel happy, comfortable, and satisfied when they use it. If you can emotional awaken consumers, they will be more likely to form personal connections with your brand. And this will certainly lead to increased sales of your business. Consumers also feel more satisfied with your product.

  • Show Social Evidence (Social Proof)

Have you ever passed a new restaurant in your neighborhood, see a line of visitors at the restaurant door and think, “Wow, that restaurant must be really good! We have to go there!”. Then That’s an example of manifestation of social evidence or Social Proof. When the public sees that a store, product, or business service is favored by someone else, that business product or service will suddenly get greater value.

The Power of Social Evidence is further strength by the fact that buyers tend to read reviews of a product before they buy the product. By showing Social Evidence on your social media account or website in either the form of customer reviews, testimonials, ratings, and other prospective customers will join in line for business visitors to purchase your business products or services. Although at first only curious, social proof can increase the sense of taste a customer’s inquisitive wish.

  • Make a “Fear of Left Behind” Impression of Product that You Sell

“Fear of Left Behind” in language terms His English is Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). The term has become a popular expression in today’s consumption culture. Examples of these terms usually refer to people who can’t stop looking at the latest smartphone info because they’re afraid to miss information about it. But your business can actually also implement FOMO strategies to attract consumers to purchase your products. One application of FOMO, you can uses the phrase “Don’t Miss!” on the advertisement of the product you market. Or, you could offer a “Limited Edition” or Limited Edition product.

By notifying consumers that You has only a limited number of products or makes the urgency of sales of a product in just a one-day period, you can assure consumers that the right time to purchase your product is: now! So, try creating a Flash Sale campaign or offering discount coupons for a limited time. If your target market is right, then people will take action immediately by purchasing the item because it is not want missed.

  • Use Resiprocal Techniques

Resiprocal psychology will work like that this: When someone gives us something, consciously or unconsciously we feel compelled to return something to them. Have you ever been offered a free sample of a product when you went to a department store and felt obligated to purchase the product after receiving the free sample? That’s an application example of a resiprocal psychology marketing strategy and you can use it to improve the You even if you open a business online.

For example, you can offer to pfree trial software subscriptions. Once they receive and feel fit to the trial product that your business delivers, they will tend to directly purchase your full version of the product. In fact, you could also offer buyers a free gift when they make a purchase against a product you offer. People will happily get free gifts and they will reply with menso regular or loyal customers of your business.

  • Take advantage of the Goldilocks Effect

The term Goldilocks Effect begins with story a man named Goldilocks. When she found three types of porridge, she chose the one “not too hot, not too cold, but just right” . Consumers experience Goldilocks Effect all the time while shopping. Those affected by Goldilocks Effect are not looking for the cheapest or most expensive product options, but ones that are appropriate and truly to their liking and needs. One example is when you go to a Japanese-style bowl restaurant There is a main menu which is bowl but with several different toppings variants. Such variants call it a bowl with yakiniku toppings, black pappers, and mayonnaise.

Various consumers definitely have different kind of By delivering those options, consumers will play Goldilocks Effect and definitely choose options that suit their tastes. Or, you could also give a “Top seller” or “Consumer’s Favorite” sign to increasingly reflect customers’ choices when they choose your product. Featuring your products in this way is a great strategy to direct consumers to desire and their utensil will be your business product. Instead of buyers choosing the cheapest or most expensive product option, you’ll increase sales by highlighting your best products.

Strategies for Application of Marketing Psychology

  1. Helping prospective customers to be scannedr of action paralyses
  2. Assigning a custom label hierarchyer
  3. Understanding the types of buyers
  4. Build urgency
  5. Conducting bidding using technik Devil’s Advocate


Never take for granted any of the slightest strategies that come to mind. Because it could be those strategies that can provide a way for you to gain success in doing business. With all five marketing psychology tips, you could grab customers’ hearts and boost your business sales. Next, you just stay focused on how to properly and properly manage your business finances.

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