5 Tips to Run a Strategy of World of Mouth with Good

5 Tips to Run a Strategy of World of Mouth with Good
5 Tips to Run a Strategy of World of Mouth with Good

Have You ever hear or see your friends or relatives You promote a product? In the world of marketing, it is commonly called word of mouth. Word of mouth in marketing science or marketing is a communication about products and services among the people who are considered independent of the company providing the product or service, in any medium will be considered independent of the company. According to George Silverman in his book, The Secret of WOM Marketing, communication WOM can be in the form of a conversation or testimonials such as talking in person, via phone, email, list group, or other means of communication. In the digital era as it is today, the strategy of WOM can also be executed through mail, website, or social media. For example, someone buying a food product through the market place of A, if satisfied with our products and services, he will give a review and testimonials through the market place is.

Indirectly, he has done the strategy of word of mouth. Marketing strategy this one is more look simple and do not require a big expense, but have the effective rate is large enough. This strategy is very suitable for use in Indonesia, because most of Indonesian people love to socialize and gather with friends. Many of them also have a habit to ask his closest friends about a product before making a purchase. If told by a friend that product A is better, they will easily believe. This is what makes the strategy of word of mouth is still running until now.

The Tips Run the Strategy of Word of Mouth with Good

So how a product or brand that You want to market could get a word of mouth positive? Follow some tips below.

Give The Best Service

To provide the best service, You need not worry abandoned customers, because with good service customers will feel more comfortable, so that it can make them more loyal. Not only that, with a high level of satisfaction towards the service that You are selling, customers will also be willing to recommend your business and Your products to friends, family. To provide the best service to customers, You have to treat them well, respect, courtesy, and empathy. Try to listen to what they want and what they don’t want. Once You know this, try to provide the best solution for them. For example if You are selling cosmetic products, You can give recommendations the right cosmetic products according to their needs.

Prepare a Medium of Communication that Easy

Sometimes there are some customers who want to ask you something about the products You sell, or might want to do a complaint against the product which You are selling. Therefore, to get word of mouth, You must set up a media as a communication tool between the company and the customer. With the media, customers can tell all that is needed or convey all their complaints, and You can immediately resolve the problem without the need for a lot of time.

Get Customer Testimonials

To get word of mouth is positive, the next way is to ask a customer to do a review and give positive testimonials on the product. You can ask satisfied customers to provide a written statement, or make a short video about their satisfaction towards the products that You sell. You can also give a little reward for those who want to provide a testimonial, for example gives discount purchase next. After getting testimonials, You can upload the testimonial on our social media, website, and other media.

Engage your Customers in Social Media

Social media is one of the media that was interested in a lot of people and became one of the opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to promote their business. With features social media, You not only can promote your products, but also can more easily find out the wishes of the customer. In using social media, try as much as possible involve the customer, for example posting a photo of them are using Your product. Don’t forget to mention and tag them and thank them for the trust they use Your product. By doing so, they will feel happy and proud because it has been wearing the products that You sell.

Have Key Opinion Leader

What’s a Key Opinion Leader? CABBAGE or key opinion leader is a person who has the power to affect a decision. Until now, the Key Opinion Leader is still widely used by companies to help the marketing strategy of word of mouth. Key Opinion Leaders in general will is to be heard by the general public, because they are considered people who have the knowledge and experience more. CABBAGE is usually used by a company to do a review or give testimony against a product that is sold through social media, especially Instagram. CAULIFLOWER is one of the important assets for the company, where as an entrepreneur You have to think of a good person who fits into the opinion leader of Your product. If You choose the CABBAGE proper, the strategy of word of mouth You will be running well.


That’s five tips to get word of mouth from Your customers. If the strategy of word of mouth You’ve go well, the business will more easily grow and customers will come by itself. After successfully execute this strategy, You also must start making the business strategy of the other. To create the right strategy for your business, You should look at the financial condition of the company through financial statements.

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