7 Effective Product Marketing Strategies you can try

7 Effective Product Marketing Strategies you can try
7 Effective Product Marketing Strategies you can try

An effective product marketing strategy must be known to all business people whether in the field of goods or services. Especially those of you who work in the field of marketing or marketing. Because it is this technique that actually makes your job easier and successful. Unfortunately not all businessmen and marketers know this strategy.

Effective product marketing strategies you can try

Here is an effective marketing strategy that is:

Know the customer well

The first product marketing strategy is to know the customer in detail. Because he is the target or target of your product sales. if you do not recognize it, it may be that the product offered will not be liked.Well, to recognize customers to make it easier, please do a survey of it. Including surveys related to what products are needed, how the preferred payment system, distribution of products such as what is desired and so on.Well, if the survey results have been obtained, of course, product marketing becomes more effective and easy. Because you just match with what consumers want.It is for this reason that a survey to recognize customers needs to be done. Even before the product will be marketed or distributed to him. So please do a more effective survey .To get to know your customers better, you can do market research that you can find out through this article.

Doing the right promotion

The second effective product marketing strategy is to do the right product promotion. It all depends on you including where the promotion will be placed. Whether through print media or in online media such as social media, sites and so forth.Don’t forget to promote products with creative content. At a minimum, it can trigger the emergence of buyer attraction to the products offered.Don’t forget to always promote products consistently and sustainably. Because if only one or two promotions, the results will not be maximum. Especially if the first promotion target is even the wrong customer.Therefore, keep doing the right promotion. This means that it is right on target and do promotions with the minimum possible funds. The important thing is that people are interested in the promo.

Build a strategic place of business

The next promotion strategy is please choose a place to run a strategic business. A minimum of crowded areas or in spaces that are easily accessible to the public. This kind of place has the potential to provide an advantage over a quiet place.To find a strategic business location, of course, requires a survey first. Do not immediately buy land just because the price is cheap. But make sure in advance, whether the place deserves to be a place of business or not.A convenient and potential location for business is on the roadside protocol. In addition, you can also choose an office area or the administrative center of the city. Because that’s where the crowd peaks.Indeed, the price of business premises in such locations is very expensive. But it is proportional to the operating profit obtained. Therefore, please prepare capital to build a business in a strategic place.

Creating A Systematic Budget

For the next strategy, you may need to create a specific budget for promotion. Indeed, promotion on social media does not require expensive costs. Even making a site is free, which means that promotion is also free.However, if such a step is still used, it is certain that there is no clear progress from the promotion delivered. Therefore, a more special and good promo system is needed. Of course, it takes capital to run it.One form of paid promotion is Google Ads or hiring influencers. This requires a large capital. Therefore, make a special marketing budget if you do not want to get losses.For the ease of making a budget sesaui plan, you can use accounting software that has budget features such as Accurate online, even though it is not as expensive as building a place or business building, but this must be run on an ongoing basis. Therefore, the budget must be systematic and neatly written without errors.

Good communication and interpersonal skills

The next marketing strategy is to establish a good relationship with customers. This must be done, if you want the product to be purchased and marketing successful. However, if the consumer does not show the best service, of course they are also lazy to transact.One form of good service is to accommodate all suggestions and criticism from consumers. Make sure the product is not perfect. So that criticism and advice from customers is nutrition to cover those imperfections.The best service in question is also in the form of giving gifts or rewards to customers. Shape according to the wishes of the company. Whether by giving gifts in the form of products, free vouchers, cash back or by giving discounts or certain discounts.If this is done, customers are usually happy because they feel respected and well served. So don’t be surprised if this kind of customer will invite others to join in buying products in the company.

Create Your Own Online Store

In this day and age building an online store to sell more goods in production is common. By opening your own online store, your business will be known to anyone around the world without restrictions on distance and time.This is a good product marketing strategy for those of you who have a vision for sustainable business development. Creating your own online store and website does require time and funds that are not small. However this can be a very profitable investment for you in the future.

A Social Media Company

The next effective product marketing strategy is that you must have an account on social media. For example, accounts on FB, Twitter, WA, Instagram and so on.Well, in those accounts, you can enter the products that will be offered to the buyer. Don’t forget to include reviews or product related articles in it.If the product is already in your account, then share it to your other account or display it in the home. There will be a lot of people who saw the posting that. If you are interested in buying, they will contact you through the comments or visit online sites that you have,this is a good step and includes the most inexpensive and fast product marketing strategy. Therefore, the company should open the social media accounts right now.


Designing an effective marketing strategy on the products we create is the main thing you should pay attention to if your business is to stay profitable and survive. Especially in an age that is all fast-paced and the spread of information you can get whenever you want.One little you in making a decision, then it is not impossible that your business will suffer losses and even lead to bankruptcy.

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