All Things About Marketing Research that You Should Know

All Things About Marketing Research that You Should Know
All Things About Marketing Research that You Should Know

Marketing research can be said as a systematic research that starts from the formulation of the problem, purpose of research, information and data collection, data management, and interpretation of research results.

By doing marketing research will be aware of the products or services offered, on which the product or service is needed, and the quality of the products as what it takes consumers. And also to know how big the demand and potential demand, when demand is peaking and when the request is declined.

All Things About Marketing Research

Types Of Marketing Research

From the results of marketing research that we can use it to create a business and also marketing strategy (measure the success of the business plan). Need to know the types of marketing research, such as the following.

  • Primary Research

Carried out by collecting information or data derived from the sales of the latest and effective, which is being run.

  • Secondary Research

Function to analysis data that has been published. As a result, we can find the competitors and can establish a benchmark and then identify the target.

The Object Of Marketing Research

There are 4 (four) things that commonly serve as the object of research of marketing namely product, price, promotion and distribution.

  • Product Research

The product including the case that most of the principal in a marketing, if not there products/services. Research products are usually occupy the first order of a marketing research.

  • Research Prices

The price also includes the important thing to in the research, the goal of course to see the compatibility between the price of the products then also see the benchmark market price or the price of similar products sold by competitors of the business.

  • Research Promotion

Done to measure the level of success of the promotion to the marketing of the product.

  • Distribution

The distribution is also not less important to do research to see if the travel distribution went well or not.

Basic steps in Conducting Marketing Research

  • Formulate The Problem

It was first to be done to run the marketing research is to formulate the problem. The process of the formulation of this problem is very important to do so that we understand very well with the objectives to be achieved after the research is completed. Basically the research is structured to produce accurate and clear as the conclusion to the problems that we are facing in the business.

For example, our problem is to determine the amount of cost that will be used for promotion or advertising. The formulation of the problem is how to determine the amount of cost required. While the conclusions that will be obtained is in the form of a range of values of the cost of the promotion which is the most ideal.

  • Determine The Design Of The Research

Design research is needed to determine the procedure in detail about how data collection, how to testing the hypothesis, and the possibility of spreading the questionnaire with a variety of models are determined. The determination of the research design is usually based on parameters which will be taken to produce a specific conclusions.

  • Designing Data Collection Methods

The Data used in this research is primary data and secondary data. Primary Data is Data taken directly from the field, while the secondary data is usually in the form of data taken from books, Internet, library and other relevant.

  • Take A Sample & Data Collection

Sampling and data collection in the field. You can do the sampling is based on the sampling method used, either probability or non-probability sampling.

  • Analysis & Interpretation Of Data

A data collection could never be a conclusion if it is not done the analysis and interpretation of data. You can start from editing, coding, tabulation, statistical analysis, and interpretation of data. Data that is processed is what will give instructions to the conclusion that You will take.

  • Composing Research Reports

Research report marketing can be a report on the results, conclusions and recommendations of the research is given to the management. Then the management will take a decision based on the results of the interpretation of previous data. Research report here that will be the standard of research by executives in evaluating the benefits of marketing research. Marketing research should be done both companies and individuals that want to start or are already running a business. The burden of the costs incurred during the research may be a consideration when doing research, but the impact is generated if successfully carried out certainly is a lot of benefit.


If You do marketing research properly, important data useful for the growth of the business will be easily obtained. Sometimes the implementation of marketing research can also experience an error, causing the data obtained is not valid.

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