Article Marketing, Marketing Strategy Through Content Writing

Article Marketing, Marketing Strategy Through Content Writing
Article Marketing, Marketing Strategy Through Content Writing

In the world of marketing there are several ways that you can use to implement a content marketing strategy. One of them is through the creation of articles in a website or blog to attract more visitors and get to know your product/brand more deeply. This strategy is also known as Article marketing.

The current article marketing into one type of marketing strategy that is effective enough and a lot made by the company or brand-the brand great. Because in practice, You only need to create or stringing words that are interesting to then delivered to the consumer. Usually this strategy is applied through the media or the digital platform, however, did not rule can also be used in print media such as newspapers and magazines.

Marketing Strategy Through Content Writing

Well, in this article, we will invite you to understand more about the term article marketing. Starting from the definition, how to work up tips writing articles for marketing that You can apply. Curious, right? Check out the full article here, yes.

The definition of article marketing

Article marketing is a type of advertisements or promotional content in the form of short articles that the company issued to certain parties and aims to read the consumer. Companies can publish them to multiple media such as websites, forums, or conventional methods such as a newsletter. With the advent of the digital world, article marketing more effective with disseminated through the website, especially with high traffic. Especially if Your business has a web site official. So in addition to using articles as a marketing medium, you can also use the website as a platform to support marketing effectiveness. If You want to publish an article to your blog or website with high traffic, it will usually be charged guest post. However, You can also use free without having to pay a penny. For example by exchanging the article to be published on the blog each with each other put up backlinks. Article marketing is usually compiled with the contents of the content in the form of the background of the brand or a product. Then pin down the benefits or usefulness of such products to attract customers. You should also write down the excess product from the brand compared to Your competitors. In the final paragraph of the article, You can also include the contact address or official store.

How to work the article marketing to build traffic

As has been alluded to earlier, if You have a special website for your business or Your brand. Then the strategy article marketing is quite effective and worth a try. You just need to create quality articles regularly and periodically which will attract more visitor to visit Your site. Well, if You are interested to start with, it can understand some of these things first:

  1. Using backlinks

A Backlink is a text that contains a link and leads to our website. That is, when You do a guest post or exchange articles with other website owners. Then must use this link to be mounted in the article. So that later, visitors who read the article can also visit Your website easily.

  1. Use the email newsletter

Email Newsletters are no stranger to the digital age as they are today. By using this newsletter, every time there is a new article in your blog or website, you can send a notification or notify potential customers. If the article sent is useful and quality in the newsletter, it may be shared with thousands of subscribers and could be popular. This will certainly increase your website traffic especially when they click on the email newsletter.

  1. Maximizing SEO optimization

Search engines like Google that we often use have their own algorithm or formula for how it works. Well, if you want the article written to be on the first search page or in the highest ranking, then it is worth paying attention to the application of this SEO optimization. By paying attention to the keywords used, Article structure, internal placement and outbound links and many more criteria that you must meet so that the article written is quite friendly with SEO. When the article You are on the search page first, then the chances of more and more people visit Your website and read articles even bigger. Of course this will have an impact on brand awareness at once the result of the sale of Your product.

  1. Increase the brand awareness of the product

The people who come to Your website and read the presented article. Indirectly they already recognize your brand and Your product. That is, they are already aware of the existence of Your business is. So even though they do not make a purchase in this day, just maybe they will buy it in the future or recommend it to friends.

How to write articles that are effective for marketing

Not all article marketing can be popular and accepted by the customer. It depends of the content that You conveyed in it as well as how the delivery of that use. Well, that article marketing is that Your production is popular among the readers and attract them to read it to its conclusion. Then You have to create quality articles with the following tips from us here:

  • Focus on the niche or topic discussed

Niche or topic in the world of writing articles at the website be one that must be considered. The topic of Your writing should be relevant or related to the theme of your blog/website. For example, You have a website that specifically discusses about the food. Then, You have a business in the automotive field. Of course if You want to use the blog as a means of business promotion of automotive You will not fit. In addition, because the category course is already different, the target market or readers also not related. Therefore, use a website with the same niche or relevant to Your business. If Your business is moving in the culinary field, look for a website that discuss the food anyway. So even if Your business is engaged in the automotive field, look for the website which is closely related to the automotive world. Or better You create your own website for Your business to look more professional.

  • Make the article clear delivery

Regardless of the length of the article which You use is actually no problem. Only by reading interest in Indonesia is quite low, You should produce articles with a length of 300 to 1000 words. More than that, people will usually lazy to finish reading completely. Then don’t make the article with how the delivery of that complicated to understand. How else use them sentences that are effective and easy to read. Don’t be pedantic and impressed much ado.

  • Identify the needs of potential consumers

Understand the needs of prospective consumers into one task for businesses. By knowing what they need, You can provide it in order to increase profit in business. So when You will be using article marketing in marketing methods. First identify what is actually needed by the readers of Your article. Whether educational information, just information related to Your product, or even both?

  • Do some research on the keywords to be used

To write quality articles, You should do keyword research or keyword first. You can use a tool such as Google Analytics to allow You to do a keyword research. From here You can know which keywords are much sought after and are associated with Your business. Then how tight the competition in the search engines also can You measure. The use of the right keyword will attract more and more interests of the visitors to read the articles that You created.

  • Pay attention to the quality of the articles produced

The amount of the articles that You created are useless if not quality. It’s important to maintain the quality of Your writing consistently or even increase it from time to time. His hope that the visitors are comfortable and not tired of reading articles that You serve to them. Check back typographical errors or spelling to use sentences that are effective. Don’t let the reader go so just because Your writing is difficult to understand and rambling.

  • The production of articles consistently

Consistency is the main key in achieving success. It’s the same when you use an article marketing strategy. High consistency is required to produce quality articles on a regular basis. For example, you create 3 articles a week. So keep the rhythm of your article production. Do not let one day suddenly you do not publish 1 article in a week. Because this can damage the image of your website or blog in the eyes of search engines such as Google.

  • Promote the article to the appropriate media

There are so many social media that You can use as a platform to share the results of Your writing. Such as Facebook, Twitter and even up to Instagram once. Not only that, You can also use a blogging platform or a forum open. Thus, Your article will have opportunities more widely read by the people.


Well, that information related to the discussion of the article marketing this time. In addition to setting up the right marketing strategy and effective in marketing the products of Your brand. It is also important to maintain the financial health of the company.

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