Branding: Elements, Types, Purposes, and Benefits You Should Know

Branding: Elements, Types, Purposes, and Benefits You Should Know
Branding: Elements, Types, Purposes, and Benefits You Should Know

Branding is one of the important things that must be built by a business in the era of globalization. The loss of boundaries make the competition is also getting tougher. See, the company or its business comes from outside the country can be established in Indonesia. Even not only one of the two only in number but many.

Hence as a business You also need to have and build the brand of Your business. A strong brand can be easily recognized by the customers so that the number of competitors will have no effect if Your brand is already strong. Products such as accounting software that is attached with the brand this Journal.

Element, Type, Purpose, and Benefits of Branding

Understanding Branding

Before knowing what it is branding, You need to understand the basis of the said brand. The term brand itself was first used by English people in the 19th century as a form of signal to farm animals and also the slave with the stamp of a hot iron on their bodies. That time they called with the word burn. Then said the brand popular used by the German people with the same meaning, namely mark something using the cap iron is hot. The Brand itself is currently interpreted as a self-identity that distinguishes between fellow good human, product, and place. While branding is a communication activities, literature, maintaining a brand in order to give perspective to others who see it. According to Kotler (2009), branding is a name, term, sign, symbol, design or combination of these intended to identify the goods or services or a group of sellers with to distinguish them from the goods or services of competitors.

Meanwhile, according to Landa (2006), understanding is not just a brand or trade name of a product, service, or company. However everything related to things that gauze the eyes of a brand ranging from trade name, logo, visual traits, the image, credibility, character, impression, perception, and the assumption that exist in the minds of consumers the company. Eventually the definition of branding is growing up now defined as a collection of communication activities undertaken by the company in the framework of the process of building and raising brand. For the company it is not just a brand or product You are well known but also as the image of the company as a whole or how the community feel that Your company is the best.

Elements Of Branding

  • The name of the brand. The name is the first thing that must be met if we’re going to do the branding. Without a name, then the product will not have a identity that will make it easier to recognize the community.
  • Logos (logo type, monogram, flag). In the creation of a logo, pay attention to the uniqueness factor and the image that is in accordance with the brand. Unique Logo will leave an unforgettable impression for the consumer.
  • Visual display. Visual display can be applied in product design, packaging design, and so forth. Using a visual display with colors that are bright or elegant will add to the imaging of a product.
  • Use mouthpiece. A spokesperson in this case could be a co-founder of the company, mascots, corporate figures, or famous people who have been invited to work together to improve the marketing of the product.
  • Sound (song thematic). The presence of a song will complement the elements of the visualization and make it more beautiful and more memorable.
  • Words (slogan, tagline, jingle, acronym). The Slogan of the intelligent always leave a deep impression. In the process of making the brand, use words that have an element of cheerful and positive, memorable, and different from other brands.

Type-The Type Of Branding

  • Product branding

Is the most common type. This is because the products or brands that successfully is a product that is able to encourage consumers to choose products hers on top of competitor’s products. Is a business of granting identity on a product that is able to influence the consumer to choose the product compared to other competitors ‘ products. This type usually only focuses on the results of the product only, not the corporation as a whole.

  • Personal branding

Is a marketing strategy that is most popular among the public figures such as artists, musicians, politicians, and other so that they have a view of its own in the eyes of society.

  • Corporate branding

All aspects of the company ranging from the products or services offered to the employee contributions in the eyes of society. It is very important to develop the company’s reputation in the market. Aspects of a company that started from the products offered to the contributions of employees of the company towards the community. Aspects of this type, among others; the logo, the company’s vision, website, quality, advertising, marketing, credibility, service.

  • Destination branding

Have a goal to introduce a product or service when a location name mentioned person. So when someone mentioned the name of the city for example yogyakarta then people can directly recall the warm or bakpia. This type describe the identity of a city, region, country, or region specific. This type is usually used in promoting a region for the needs of tourism or business.

  • Cultural branding

Is a business of granting identity or brand that is tailored to the circumstances of reputation, culture, habits of a nation, locations or people from a certain area. One such example, namely: the Culture of clean-up and discipline of the Japanese.

The function and Purpose of Branding

  • As a differentiator, in which the company has a strong brand will be easily distinguished from its competitors.
  • The promotion and attraction, if You have a strong brand then the promotion will be easier to do. Customers tend to choose a strong brand and loyal to the brand are the same.
  • Build the image, belief, assurance of quality and prestige , some of these things will make Your business become easy to remember.
  • Controller market: a strong brand can control the market because people have known him.
  • While the goal of branding is to shape the perception of the community, build a sense of trust the community to the brand and build a sense of community love to the brand. This goal is one of the things that is very beneficial for the company. The right strategy will make customers more trust with Your product and are more loyal to Your company.

The Benefits Of Building Brand

As mentioned above that the branding is an important thing for the company especially in the present era. One of the reasons is because there will be many benefits that can be obtained by the company.

  • Give attractiveness for the consumer.
  • Easy company earn the loyalty of the customers towards Your products or services.
  • Companies opportunities to set a higher selling price.
  • Opportunities for You as a business to do product differentiation
  • Be discriminating or certain characteristics which distinguish the company’s products with the products of competitors.

The importance of Branding for Business Progress

Now You also need to understand about the purpose of the good and its influence on the company. Branding is a way to communicate the message of a business product to the costumer. Through the implementation of a good, the company can give good impression to its users, so as to make the customers continue to be loyal to using the product. In addition, it also paved the way for the company to be known to more people, both from the logo of their marketing campaigns. See the benefits, build a brand is an investment that should be carried out by any company.

The process of doing the branding of a business surely requires no small cost. To avoid any unnecessary expenses then You should also start to manage your finances well. Because with good financial management and proper then Your business will be spared from the burden of effort is not required. That’s the explanation of the branding, the next is how You can do well for Your business. So that the performance of Your business will continue to evolve. Some companies, willing to build the branding of the company for many years.


Of course the company is spending funds not a little. Corporate Branding also requires research that the company is not one of the targets with the desired result. To support the business continues to grow, You should also make sure the bookkeeping of Your company runs properly. To help You make bookkeeping quick, You can use the accounting software.

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