Business Through the Online Marketplace, Know the Advantages and disadvantages

Business Through the Online Marketplace, Know the Advantages and disadvantages
Business Through the Online Marketplace, Know the Advantages and disadvantages

Marketplace is a platform or a place where sellers can sell items online. Why You should start considering to start an online business in the marketplace? The term Marketplace or online marketplace may have been familiar to some people recently, whereas the term marketplace is the English language from the word “market”. However, the term marketplace has a term that is more specific and has a lot of meaning, especially in business, such as; the place where the seller diverse with the same product and the buyer that have the same interests or more simply is a place where sellers and buyers meet like-the meaning of the real market.

Then what he meant business through an online marketplace? Regardless of the term used, is currently one of the marketplace that most of the activity of the transaction is an online marketplace. People prefer to do-buy through online marketplace because it is easy and also practical. Through the marketplace, You do not need to rent a place for open stalls selling You. But before opening the stall Your business in the online marketplace, You need to pay attention to the advantages and benefits of selling on the platform of the online marketplace.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Business Through the Online Marketplace

Advantages Of Online Business Marketplace Is

Here are some of the advantages of running an online business through the marketplace:

  • Greater Opportunities Through The Community

Online Marketplace can be considered as the vessel of the lot the seller. through this platform You can create business opportunities is to build relationships with other sellers through the community. You can share knowledge, share opportunities, and to cooperate in building new opportunities.

  • Not Need To Afraid Of Losing Consumers

Through the online platform You don’t need to lose consumers. Every day, an online sales platform is visited by millions of people. In fact, according to the report Price cited by Data books, in the III quarter of 2019 alone an online sales platform in Indonesia has been visited 66 million users. This suggests that the activity of the sell-buy online especially in Indonesia is very large.

And usually, consumers visit online marketplace indeed have the motivation to buy specific items. Your business will also automatically be promoted by the owners of the online marketplace. So You don’t need a promotional tool that expensive or complicated to market Your product. Usually the online marketplace is already trusted by consumers so You also do not need to build consumer confidence. In addition, the ease of access provided by the manager of the online easier for consumers to continue to reach out to Your shop. consumers will access online marketplace at any time and anywhere.

  • Features and Regulation of Online Marketplace that Good

The owner or company online marketplace usually has new features or regulation that can enhance the credibility and also the security of Your store. One of the features You get are insurance, payment integration, promotion, joint account, and also verification of stores as a form of appreciation given the company’s online marketplace. Features the reputation and verification usually owned by the online marketplace may affect the confidence of people to buy Your products in the middle of the intense competition in the online marketplace.

  • Do Not Need A Large Capital

Unlike the offline marketplace, an online platform does not require the rental of premises. Some online marketplace that integrates usually apply the cost of the “rental” but not at the cost of rental of premises such as a shop or field. However, the online marketplace that is free like group Facebook, forum sell-buy online, You do not require any cost at all.

  • You can Monitor the progress of Your Business

Some of the managers of the online marketplace usually has the features of insight. Features insight can monitor how people who visit Your store, the number of people respond, the number of people who do the communication and the amount of people that buy Your product. You can monitor the progress of the business, You can evaluate the products, the marketing strategy, or even determine the effectiveness and performance of the managers of the online marketplace.

Shortage Of Online Business Marketplace Is

Here are some of the drawbacks of doing business online through marketplace:

  • It Is Difficult To Get Trust

One of the drawbacks of online markerplace is Your hard earned trust. Sales online since the first known scamming, fraud, and also illegal goods. Especially in the online marketplace, You will come to compete with unscrupulous seller is not responsible. Even products You have the possibility to emulate.

  • Competition Among Traders High

Because the online platform has a lot of customers and have a tendency to sell the same product, make the competition among the traders in the online marketplace is very high. You have to compete strategy in getting the seller. Tips to sell online marketplace, You must be diligent to keep an eye on the market and perform the differentiation of the products with other sellers. You can also take advantage of the features for free postage given by the manager of the platform.

  • Rely on the Manager of the Online Marketplace

The sustainability of Your business depends on the manager of the online marketplace. If the manager has a bad reputation, lack of promotion, and also does not have good regulation, then it will all affect the development of Your business. All depends on the manager and the owner of the marketplace.

  • Sporadic

One of the shortcomings of the business through the online marketplace is the state of the market that is sporadic. If You sell on a marketplace that is diverse, You tend to be difficult to be found by prospective buyers. Because the management of the online marketplace will not a store. The Online marketplace that has a diversity of products will be difficult for buyers in search of its products. Buyers will be looking for by keyword, but the keyword is given, the buyer will also re-select from thousands maybe millions of the same product. From a variety of ease and excess, many business experts recommend to sell through the online platform marketplace because in the era of information and digital industry, people will no longer invest a small portion of money, time and energy to just to choose and buy goods.

People today prefer the accessibility and the ease in selecting the goods. The Online marketplace is also not just talking about the product. As at the beginning of the article it is said, the marketplace itself currently has a variety of meanings. The Marketplace could be in the form of buy-sell services; such as designers, employees and also experts. So if You do have the business of providing services, You can join in on the online marketplace similar.


To facilitate You in managing Your business online You need a software that can help manage the finances, transactions, and monitor the profit and loss of Your business.

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