Effective Email Marketing Strategies That Help Business Development

Effective Email Marketing Strategies That Help Business Development
Effective Email Marketing Strategies That Help Business Development

Those of you who are currently attacking pioneering business and want to do it an marketing activity, you could leverage email marketing as one of the ways that promotions are cost-effective and easy to do. In running a business, not independent of marketing or marketing activities. Marketing is a series of corporate activities or activities to meet consumer needs and satisfaction. Start from making a product, determine its price, place of sale, and promote the product to consumers. Marketing activities themselves are various, ranging from direct sales, promoting through social media, placing advertisements on the radio, as well as email marketing.

If your business is already big, there may be many ways of marketing that you can do, yet when your business is still on a small scale, marketing activities become one of the big challenges. Where, you should think of how to do good marketing to grow a business at a makeshift or not much cost. In addition, you should also think of ways in which this marketing activity can provide a stable benefit to the company in each month. Many small and medium business operators see the benefits of email marketing. This is because email marketing campaigns are cost-effective and easy to use. However do you already know how many types of email marketing for business?

Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Marketing Email Type

Here are 3 types of email marketing that you need to address and get used in your business:

  • Email Invitation

Email invitation constitutes the type of email marketing used to keep the client always up to date on future events. This type of email could be delivered a week or a day before the activity or event takes place as a way to encourage customers to attend. It can be delivered a week or at the latest one day before the activities the company performs will take place. This could help you encourage customers to attend to events we create. For example, when you want to hold seminars or workshops involving customers, or when you want to invite customers to take training for free, etc.

  • Email Digest

Email Digest constitutes marketing email that will automatically be cached by electronic mailing list. With this email, you can specify the period that the email is used, for example day, week, month and, so on. You could also limit the recipients of this email, for example 10 people, 100 people, 200 people in one delivery.

  • Newsletter

Newsletter is a type of email marketing that can keep loyal your customers easily through the use of information in any business news or promotion to come. A newsletter could be delivered repeatedly and regularly, for example every once a month or even once a week.

Strategies in Sending Marketing Email

Once you have determined the type of email marketing you want to debug, the next thing you should pay attention to is the points on the email itself. Because a lot of people aren’t always going to read the emails you send, especially when those emails smell like a product’s promotion. Below are strategies you can implement in order to make email marketing more effective and you can replicate.

  • Email Subject

First important point to note in creating email marketing is the subject or title of the email itself. Therefore, before sending that email, you should really pay attention to the subject of that email to attract the customer’s attention, as well as to contain a solicitation to do something. Never underestimate an email subject if you want your email marketing opened, read and get responses by clients or customers.

  • Email View

Not all emails the customer opened are due to a write Interesting email binds and invites people’s attention to read them to the finish. A study conducted by Direct Marketing Association found that 88% of people who open email liked views in HTML content and the remaining 12% liked views or email content in text. That’s why, after specifying an interesting subject, create an email with a view that catches the customer’s attention and could get the customer to do something inside that email, for example press a button or a button to get promoted.

  • Self Data Demand

At the time you want to collect the customer database, then you should certainly include a self-data form into email marketing. Try to retrieve important data only, such as email addresses to increase the quantity of subscribers on your website or blog. Because, by requesting too many databases, in addition to making lazy customers fill them out, this could also make customers feel hesitant in providing information regarding themselves, especially with the rampant misuse of information over the internet like these days.

  • Customer Testimonials

Inside email marketing, you could also add content regarding customer testimonials to increase effectiveness – email for your site or website. For those of you running a small scale business, you can include photos of satisfied customers…a product or service bag is offered your product, as well as by displaying testimonies from famous people on your site. It is aimed at providing information regarding email in the hope that the company will provide valuable information sought by your prospective customers.

  • Gift Promo

To attract subscribers to do something in email, you could also offer interesting promos to people who have done subscriptions. For example, by providing discount codes or other promo specials that you could include in an email marketing that you sent. Consider the aspect of win-win solution for customers who want to register email list building as well as for prospective customers who want to get something from the company. By understanding the type of email marketing and strategy you perform when you want to deliver email, you could do marketing more precisely. In addition to being able to reach multiple customers at just one email, you could also do this activity at an affordable cost. These promotional media can become even more effective than by advertising through the media TV, radio, nor any print media that would certainly cost a lot.


So it can be inferred that, when your business is still on a small scale and doesn’t have enough promotional costs, you should be able to do the promotion through email marketing properly and appropriately. That way, you can more easily market and enrich your product to the customer with a wider range. In addition to email marketing, as both small and large business owners, you should also start thinking about managing finances better and neatly.

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