Facebook Business Manager: A Cost Effective Way To Improve The Performance Of Digital Marketing And

Facebook Business Manager: A Cost Effective Way To Improve The Performance Of Digital Marketing And
Facebook Business Manager: A Cost Effective Way To Improve The Performance Of Digital Marketing And

If You are indeed moving in the world of social media marketing, then it is important that You should know is the facebook business manager and how to use it well. As we already know that Facebook is a company of voters Instagram and WhatsApp, social media very well known and already widely used by the community. Facebook is also still a social media that is in demand by the public until now.

In order to make the ads effective business, then You should be using Facebook Business Manager. Then, what the hell is Facebook Business Manager? What advantages are there in it? About, on this occasion we will explained about Facebook Business Manager on You.

Facebook Business Manager

What It Is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a one of the features of Facebook that was created to help users to manage their ads in a more convenient, practical and also simple. Quoted from page Hootsuite, Facebook Business Manager is a tool that is able to help businesses in managing ad accounts and apps Facebook in one container simultaneously. Earlier, every business must manage your Facebook Ads and Facebook Fanpage separately.

Facebook Business Manager is a tool that is able to help businesses in managing ad accounts and business applications facebook in one place simultaneously. In addition, these tools also can control and limit the information that can be accessed by social media manager, both derived from the company or from the agency.

You do not need to divide the login details again, because each user has their own account to log in. With the presence of this tool, then the businesses can give access rights in full or in part on each member based on their role in the company. Of course, this will make You easier in giving assignment on each of the team members in a safe and also free.

Advantage Of Using Facebook Business Manager

  • No Need To Use A Joint Account

The first advantage that You can feel in using Facebook Business Manager is that You can separate Your personal account for the needs of personal and business needs. When You are not using your account Facebook Business Manager, then You should make joint account that can be used by social media manager. It is able to reduce the risk to the security of personal data. In addition, the risk of errors post on your personal account or a business account You can also press significantly.

  • Easy To Managed

By having an account Facebook Business Manager, then You can manage some account Facebook Ads and also account Fanpage in one place simultaneously. That means, You can have a place that is centralized in monitoring the performance of ads and also to Your post. Gain Better Support from Facebook. Facebook has a lot of tools and also services that each service and the tool should be integrated in order to run well. If at one time You encounter technical problems, the support team of the parties to Facebook will ask You related to the ownership of Facebook Business Manager. Why? because with Facebook Business Manager, then the team Facebook could handle the problems that You are facing directly.

  • Easily Display The Report To The Business

Other advantages of this tools is the ease in displaying a report on the business You run. It is available in a dashboard of its own that You can access and edit according to your needs.

  • More Secure

The world of marketing is an industry with a level of staff turnover is quite high, and occasionally involve the agency in the running of short-term projects. It can pose a security risk when there are former employees who still have access rights on the account of Facebook company. However, these tools are able to provide security center helps You to enable authentication for two-factor for all social media managers or those responsible for managing the account. With the presence of this security system, then they are already not active will no longer be able to access Facebook Business Manager of the company.

How To Create A Facebook Business Manager

  • Setup Facebook Business Manager

Before using this tool, You must decide in advance to anyone who has the control in be the admin of a Facebook Business Manager. Those who have the responsibility to be the admin of a Facebook Business Manager will be responsible for all customers, other employees as a user, and hold the company account. Perform the configuration of the Facebook Business Manager is very simple. If You have previously acted as an Admin, then You should first login to your account Facebook and more with access Business.Facebook.com. After go to the main page, later Facebook will bring You to follow the various phases of the next, i.e. filling a variety of information which consists of four stages. Each of these stages start from the introduction, detail information about Your business, name Your business’s page, and the profile of Your business manager.

  • The Settings For The Logged Along

Generally, any business is not alone in the manage account Facebook Ads or Page of its business. They were assisted by its employees or other resources to share access to their accounts. But with the presence of Facebook Business Manager, then it is no more needed to be done. Why? because You could split access on a different account. How to do it? If the first stage on top of already managed to do, then later You will be taken on the home page of Your business. Then, please select settings on the menu bar at the top right, select log in with and click the menu bar located on the left side under the “get along”. Then, You stay just enter the email and password that You want to put into your account Facebook Business Manager.

  • Add Managers

In the Facebook Business Manager, there are also the structure of the civil service is very good. Those who have the right to set up the account is admin. Well, the admin is the one who will give you tasks on the account manager in Your business. Admin also act as managers, but only plays a role in the sharing of tasks and monitor the course. In addition to could add an account, an admin should also be able to add a manager and a variety of other tasks. How to add the manager is also very easy. Please select settings, and click the sidebar located on the left side and select “people”. Next, select a sidebar in the top right, and “add new person”. Next, You just need to write a business email them that You select as the manager of the course. However, make sure they actually already do verify the new account before using your personal email address respectively.

  • Assign Task and Start Working

While each account is already starting to connect and the admin had already managed to choose a manager, then this is a time that is most appropriate in providing the task. To do this, click the pages or ad accounts, then select the page or the your account page that You want to give access to those that You have previously given access rights. If it is, add a person or manager who has access to the page or to the account of such advertising.

Features Of Facebook Ads Manager

  • Commerce Manager

Commerce manager is a feature which is owned by Facebook Ads Manager to manage a catalog of products which are advertised through Facebook and Instagram which is a social media within the auspices Facebook. Commerce Manager can be used all user promoting wares. To use this feature you do not need to have an offline store. However, you can create the pages offline stores you on Facebook by using this feature. You can choose the catalog which will be connected with the store. You can also choose the ordinances of the order by selecting it via the website link, facebook messenger to DM Instagram.

  • Ads Manager

This feature serves to manage all of your campaigns, ad sets and also advertising itself at once. Management feature this advertisement has things related to ad creation, duplicate ads, edit ads to disable ads easily.

  • Ad Account Settings

On the features of FB Ads Manager you can manage your payment method, management payment method and edit the business information you. In addition, you can disable an ad account and also add the admin of the ad account on this feature.

  • Audience

Features of this audience contains details about custom audiences, lookalike audiences and viewers stored-related advertising to you.

  • Business Settings

The accounts of a business page that you have will be you can see here everything. You can set and edit the account page of the business you through the features and settings of this business.

  • Bill

All payment transactions especially for the balance of the remaining ads you can see on this feature. On the top corners of the features of the bill there is a balance realtime account FB Ads Manager you are.


Facebook Business Manager is a tool that is very easy and practical to use. But the problem is You have to use your personal account to be able to login. But, this is one big step to make ad management more professional. Although it does not look perfect, but the Facebook Business Manager is very important in solving the problem of business people who were once only able to share one login account course. When You use Facebook Business Manager the right way, then any advertising and business pages You will be well managed. In the end, these things will give you an advantage turnover for You.

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