Growth Hacking: Marketing Strategies to Grow Startup Business

Marketing Strategies for Growing Startup Business
Marketing Strategies for Growing Startup Business

Growth hacking is a marketing technique used by startup companies in technology fields that are based on analytical thinking ability, based on creativity and social metrics. This marketing technique aims to obtain publication and sell products. So, inside startup business development, this term is urgently needed.

Marketing Strategies for Growing Startup Business

Growth Hacking Strategy

Generally, the word strategy refers to a long-term approach for the growth of a business and not often fickle. Whereas tactics constitute a short-term implementation of a strategy, and can change according to new information or priorities. Growth hacking strategies are typically divided into 3 types, which are:

  • Promote business using a content, or contact marketing.
  • Promote a product inside a product or product marketing.
  • Pay for promotional or advertising activities.

After determining the strategy, here are some tactics that bisa you do:

  • Ensuring your products or services are searched and needed on the market as well as having high quality. Begin to conduct a survey as you have ideas about new products. Deploy those surveys before you start producing them.
  • Utilize email marketing. The first thing that needs to be done is collect subscribers by how to install opt-in on your website when there are people going to exit the website. Exit-intent will help detect when someone will leave your website and a pop-up will appear before they leave the website. That way, the user’s attention is easier to get. And will increase someone’s possibility of entering brand email to your email list.
  • Offer discounts for social shares. With social network, you can spread the word about your product or service. In addition, you can also get new leads and salespeople through word-of-mouth and social shares.
  • Doing video marketing. Through storytelling videos, you can enhance your brand credibility and increase the conversion rate. Visual content will attract more attention and views across social media, which could be in the form of infographics, charts, memes, and videographs.
  • Hold competition to improve brand awareness about Your business is out there. By holding competitions, you not only get new customers, but you’ll also get greater exposure.

Becoming a Growth Hacker

Growth hacker is a commonly used job title formal ways by various companies overseas especially in Silicon Valley. The term growth hacker which if translated in Indonesian is a growth hacker, is generally used on digital industries or startup companies. Ideally, being a growth hacker has a typical like the following:

  • Have sufficient technical knowledge in conveying ideas to programmer.
  • Comfortable in working with those data sets.
  • Have a nice intuition on internet marketing.
  • Understand how small optimizations impact the overall process.
  • Understand the core value of a product toward consumers.
    the perpetrators of growth hacking or commonly called growth hackers constitute people who are experts in using SEO techniques, content marketing, site analysis and conducting testing. Inside the world of internet marketing, a growth hacker is indeed desperately needed. Without them, then the startup website would not be known to many people. The growth hackers will find what strategies are best and effective for startup business marketing, without having to put out a lot. For example, by marketing through print media, television, Youtube etc. Or it could also be through social media that already has a lot of followers.

The Famous Growth Hacking

There are several well-known growth hacking case studies, among them are as follows:

Hotmail, first launched in 1996 and experienced slow vegetation despite having used conventional advertising media such as posters, billboards and even radios. They found the data that as many as 80% of its users came from the user’s (referral) recommendation, which inspired Tim Draper (one of its investors) to put the phrase “P.S. I love you. Get your free email at Hotmail”. At first the idea was not accepted because of ethical factors. But finally, the semblance of an idea implemented by throwing away the word “P.S. I love you”. And as a result, there was exponential growth to the extent that there were 3,000 new users every day.

Airbnb, using a growth hacking way that is not just any marketer (non-programmers) can do so. They created a system that allows Airbnb users to pair its ads to that already has more than 10 million users. The ease that Airbnb provides to its users has indirectly benefited Airbnb. With more Craigslist users seeing Airbnb ads, more Airbnb users will also be able to see more and more Airbnb users.

Growth Hacking funnel

Growth hackers are more I’m on a strategy to build a business. They typically set priorities for conducting customer acquisitions and business scaling. In addition, they also develop, implement, and test ideas to assist him in achieving goals. One of the important things in a marketing strategy is measuring success. Most growth hackers focus on the AARRR step, which is:

  1. Acquisition

Acquisition constitutes the first point of contact between your brand, website or product and the customer. This is an important step because here you will know whether or not they will engage with your business. If your bounce rate is too high, then this thing won’t be great for your business. You could have used the heat map program to see the habitual patterns of website visitors. Advanced phase of acquisition is dawn visitors for more engage on your website. For example by subscribing to a blog, starting a trial, or follow your social media account.

  1. Activation

Second step on the groove funnel is the activation where people have already started using your product or service. Obtaining subscribers and followers constitutes part of the acquisition. While converting subscribers or followers into subscribers is part of activation. You can begin this step by sending an email to the customer, reminding them of the products and services you offer. Make an email yang draw so they will try your product or service. At this step, the customer will also look at the value of your products and services to determine whether or not they will continue to use them.

  1. Retention

At this step, you should focus on making the customer a regular customer. Just because they try to use a product or service once, then they will want to constantly use your product or service. In this step, you must ensure that they will return to use your product or service in a future time.

  1. Referral

Word-of-mouth is one of the best marketing strategies. Therefore, reference can be one of the strongest strategies to attract more customers. Referrals will help boost organic growth. Then make the customer your brand marketer one of the solid marketing strategies. Most people will believe more if they get advice from friends or family nature’s choosing a products or services. Now, there are already many businesses offering discount codes if you invite some friends to try out those business products or simply do share about them on social media. This step will help increase your website traffic as well as your customer count.

  1. Revenue

the destination of a business is to get a revenue. Once you get the customer, you can of course already calculate the revenue you earn from the sales results of your product or service. Every step on funnel growth hacking should always be analysis and tested. It aims to improve and reuse those strategies as well as ways that have the best results. A/B Testing ripples one thing that should always be done in growth hacking.


By doing A/B Testing, then you can find which strategy is most effective and should you forward as well as maximize. With the right strategy, sooner or later your business will achieve success.

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