Marketing Research: Functions and Development Steps

Marketing Research: Functions and Development Steps
Marketing Research: Functions and Development Steps

Is it market research or marketing research? market research or marketing research is done to know what it is? Market research or marketing is a research activity in the field of marketing. Market research was conducted as an effort to provide input for the management side.

Marketing Research Development Functions and Steps

Market Research Is? What is Marketing Research?

What is market research? Market research or marketing is a form of activity in the form of problem formulation, data collection, analysis, and reporting systematically structured as guidelines in determining product marketing strategies. Marketing research must be conducted systematically, starting from problem formulation, formulation, data collection, data processing, interpretation of the results of marketing research that acquired.

According to the American Marketing Association, research is a function that can connect between consumers and the public to marketers through the presence of information in identifying both opportunities and marketing problems. With marketing research in place, marketing management will know what needs to be improved and what marketing strategy is still appropriate done to seize the odds. From here will improvements are made to the evaluation of marketing efforts so that marketing performance can be monitored and various problems that arise can be addressed.

Types of Marketing Research Or Ad Market Research

The marketing research type consists of two kinds that, primary research and secondary research. Primary marketing research is research whose data comes from direct respondents or research objects. Examples of primary research: research on the number of people who like smartphone A, consumer purchasing power research.

While secondary marketing research is research when the data is already processed and in progress. This market research is aiming as an evaluation as well as control over ongoing marketing activities. Examples of secondary research: the number of people buying things, the number of people visiting your website.

Marketing Research Objects Are as follows

Whatever the research, it must have a research object. A research subject depends with the object to be researched. Each research has different research objects. Whereas in marketing research, the research object is;

  • Price, this object is useful for measuring power buy consumer, what is the price that can be the opportunity of goods/services purchased and used.
  • Products, product research objects can include, benefit the product, product value, product likeness and also product usability level.
  • Marketing Tools, this topic is used to soften… at how effective the tools are used in marketing.
  • Distribution, this object is also used to mirror the effectiveness of product distribution grooves to consumers.
  • Consumers, no less important research objects are consumers. It is used to analysis consumer behavior and needs.

Marketing Research Functions Or Market Research Is

Marketing research is a important step that companies should do to help draw up marketing planning. Marketing programs in the new year usually contribute to the results of marketing research conducted by the company at the end of the year. Research can be said to be eyes and ears companies to know how consumers view and desire toward the company. Market research has three main functions, namely:

  • Evaluating

Marketing Research Functions or Market Research that is evaluating. Research conducted for this function is typically used to evaluate previously performed marketing programs. This evaluating function in marketing research is also included when the company wants to conduct a review of brand positioning that compares with competitor’s products. In the evaluation process, a marketing resparcher also conducted troubleshooting of the review results. Problem solving can also be done by understanding the problem points that make business not run properly.

  • Understanding

Second Marketing Research or Market Research Function be understated. This research function emphasizes the goal of understanding consumers as one of the insights or inputs that is essential to the company. By understanding consumers, companies will find out what consumer needs and complaints are. In the run this function, marketing research done is research that describes k portraits consumer ebullience and behavior as well as their expectations and complaints against products.

  • Predicting

Third Marketing or Market Research Function is predicting. This latter marketing research function is actually the most difficult function to perform. The world is full of uncertainties, so predictions made in marketing research are risky because of its very relative nature. When a brand wants to aim for a new market, this research will always be the main reference material to target new market targets. Likewise when companies want to draw up new marketing strategies, marketing research is still a major assessment.

  • Controlling

Research function subsequent marketing is controlling. This function is used to view any currently running business processes. Typically this research function looks at ongoing marketing activity data. Such data can cover the positioning of our products in the presence of consumers, demographics, trends as well as the effectiveness of marketing tools used.

6 Basic Steps Conducting Marketing Research Or Market Research Is Below

  • Formulate be afflicted

First thing times that must be done to run marketing research or market research is formulate problems. The process of formulating this problem is essential to do so that we understand well with the goals to be achieved after the research is completed. Basically, research is organized to produce accurate and clear information as a conclusion to the problem the we’re dealing with in business. For example our problem is wanting to establish the magnitude of price that will be used for promotion or advertising. The formulation of the problem is how to find out the magnitude of the cost required. Whereas the conclusion to be reached is in the form of a range of values from the most ideal promotional costs.

  • Defining Dain Research

Research design it is required to determine the procedures in detail regarding the way data is collected, the way hypothesis testing is performed, and the possibility of conducting questionnaires with various models specified. The design determination of marketing research or market research is based on the parameters to be drawn to produce a particular conclusion.

  • Design Method Data Collection

Data that is in use in research is primary data and secondary data. Primary data is data taken directly from the field, while secondary data is usually data taken from books, the Internet, blogs or other relevant websites and libraries. You need to determine how to collect these data and aggregate it into a database.

  • Taking Sample & Collect Data

Next You perform sampling and collect data in the field. You could perform sampling based on the sampling method used, be it probability or non-probability sampling.

  • Doing An eyebrows & Data Interpretation

a Data can never be a conclusion if data analysis and interpretation are not performed. You can start from editing, coding, tabulation, statistical analysis, and interpretation of data. It is this processed data that will give you a clue to the conclusions you will draw.

  • Assembling a Result Research

Rise report marketing or market research is typically a report of results, conclusions, and research recommendations provided to management. Then the management side will take a decision based on the results from the previous interpretation of the data. This research report will be the standard for research by executives in evaluating the benefits of evaluating benefits the riset. Now you also understand more about what market research is.


Thus six basic steps you can use to do marketing research well. In a business, in addition to research reports there are also financial statements that are no less important. Financial reporting can also be one of the important data for conducting marketing research.

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