Online Store Sales Boost Promotion Concept

Online Store Sales Boost Promotion Concept
Online Store Sales Boost Promotion Concept

For business people, draw up the concept of promotion and practicing a good online store business marketing strategy is of course a must-do thing. As a business person, you are required to be good at determining the business strategy used to make your business able to keep up with other competitors.

Key matters determined in business strategy is regarding marketing techniques. How you want to market your products to consumers will be an absolute thing to learn more deeply.

Online Store Sales Boost Promotion Concept

Maximizing Store Marketing on an Online Promotion

In marketing shop products online, strategy marketing or promotion is a very important matter. With the right strategy, then sales of your products will increasingly be maximize. To maximize online marketing, the following are some strategies you can implement in an online business:

  • Creating an online shop site on the first page of the search for. In addition to making it easier to meet new customers, it can also improve the image of the business you are currently pursuing.
  • Maximizes networks and relationships. Inside business, having a wide network is a very important thing. By building a good network, then you can market existing products over a wide range.
  • Deliver compelling marketing content. As a business person, you should deliver interesting content that makes visitors interested in coming to your online shop. Marketing content can be video articles or images corresponding to the business undertaken.
  • Maximize digital marketing usage. Integrated digital marketing in a business is considered like a snowball effect. The snowball that was originally not how much it would become gets bigger when it rolls farther away. In business, this phenomenon is used as a technique to start small businesses consistently in order to obtain maximum results.
  • Maximize platform understanding. Become your business people do have to always be up-to-date and follow existing trends. You have to be flexible in using the diverse social media that is currently being used a lot by the public. In addition, you should also have a mindset that is not rigid and continue to follow existing trends.
  • Define clear targets as starting ground. Marketing targets become one of the important things to pay attention to. Define specific market targets and aim for specific circles only that will ultimately make you easier at choosing the right marketing strategy for more maximum results.

4 Marketing Promotion Strategies for Your Online Store Business

In a company, market promotion strategy holds an important role for performing unified communications aimed at informing the company on the part of the company to consumers regarding goods or services. It aims to meet the needs and desires of consumers or customers. The process in fulfilling these needs and desires, then known to be up to date marketing concept commonly called 4P, i.e. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. The following is an explanation of 4 marketing promotion strategies for your online business.

  • Real Product Image

The world of photography is growing more and more, so Simple can be enshrined with a more beautiful look than the original. In reality, in online sales, a prospective consumer never sees his goods directly. Because of this, selling according to the image shown and giving proper quality is a good online marketing tool for return order or repurchase. Use real images with appropriate price estimates, to meet consumer expectations and avoid fraudulent impressions of the items you are selling consumers don’t feel disappointed.

  • Use Facebook Marketing As a Prom Strategy Marketing Online Store

Almost everyone in varying ages Facebook and actively using it, this could be a very potential market. Although there are currently many other social media you can use, it is undeniable that Facebook which has 111 million users is active in Indonesia.

  • Joining the Marketplace

As online business proliferates, many parties who took advantage of committing fraud. The public is of course becoming a little concerned with this phenomenon. To reassure consumers to shop online. It doesn’t hurt if you join multiple marketplaces or e-commerce that could be a third party to payment, set the extent that consumers feel safe. Joining the marketplace will be a good marketing tool for your business, as automatically the products sold will appear everyone does a description-compliant search the product on the market place site that you select.

  • Take advantage of Advertising Provider Sites

For online marketing methods next you could put an ad through the ad provider’s website. Like, Google Adwords, SEO, and social media such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, as well as Twitter Ads. Using this advertising provider’s website will make your marketing efforts more and more optimal as those sites will help visitor traffic become increasingly high. Here are some explanations regarding the above advertising site.

  • Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a strategy promotional marketing that uses Google’s search engine as a means of advertising. Commonly referred to also as Search Engine Marketing or search engine-based marketing. AdWords allows you to target prospective customers based on keywords, topics, locations, up to time. Not only that, you can also start it according to the marketing budget you have.

  • SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of influencing a website’s level of visibility in Google search results. So by using and optimizing SEO, the websites you have could be at the top of the list.

  • Social Media

Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, want Twitter Ads can still be relied on to optimize your product at a reasonable cost. Facebook Ads for example, could strengthen your previously created Fans Page to have a wider range of visibility or visibility. With variations in cost that could be chosen according to the budget as well as your goal of starting an ad, for example to add followers, likes and comments, or traffic to the website. By using the right marketing strategy, your product will be widely visible so that it can indirectly increase sales figures. Once your business’s marketing process is going well, you should also start managing finance well. With good and appropriate financial management, marketing strategies can continue and even business will continue to grow.

The Concept of Online Store Promotion Using the Concept of Psychology

According to Dr. Robert Cialdini in his book called “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, the concept of psychology is able to create a good and effective persuasion to maximize the concept of online store promotion. Then what is the concept of online store promotion like by using the concept of psychology? Check out the full review below:

  1. Reciprocity

The first concept of psychology that can be maximized in the concept of store promotion to increase online business sales is reciprocal. In a human relationship, according to Dr. Robert there will appear a reciprocity to do similar things to anything done by the other party. For example, if A gives X then B tends to give the same thing which is X or X1. This is where it came from You as an online business person can apply the concept to do the promotion. For example in the way you give something for free like a gift for an initial promotion, then the consumer will give a reciprocal like loyalty.

  1. Commitment

As it is already well known that there is almost no who wills or likes to be betrayed and lied to. This is where you as an online shop businessman should also understand the concept so that don’t get into the promotional effort you run you disappoint your consumers with false promises. If you certify that you will be servicing purchases in a prompt or fast response, so you must the customs or if you declare that you will give free shipping, then you must also fulfill it. Commitment represents an obligation that must be fulfilled if you want to get the most out of the promotion effort.

  1. Worship or Authority

The next psychological concept that will help you mac climatize the promotion of online stores is of merit or authority. According to Dr. Robert, human psychology suggests a common custom in which they would be easier to obey the words or commands of a respected or admired person. This is where you as a seller should be able to build good authority or credibility the consumers be willing to be a loyal customer. Generally, if buyers already consider the seller to be someone authoritative then they will always count on you. That way, consumers will easily receive and process any information you submit including when you inform promos.

  1. Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological concept where human will tend to be more easily convinced and trusted if most of the people around her talk about it. Therefore, you can utilize the concept for your venture promotion activities. How, you could leverage social media and testimonial techniques.


That’s some information you can learn and can is practiced for the business you are currently running. Proper marketing techniques will indeed yield the utmost results in attracting consumers. Define the most appropriate promotional concept for your online store business, and increase its profits. While on business financial management, don’t spend your time and manpower to do it with a troublesome manual way.

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