Still Confused What Is Digital Marketing? Let’s Check Out the Following Explanations!

Still Confused What Is Digital Marketing? Let's Check Out the Following Explanations!
Still Confused What Is Digital Marketing? Let's Check Out the Following Explanations!

Business competition in today’s world is very different from 15 or 20 year then. If companies used to use door-to-door sales techniques as one of the most effective marketing strategies, at present those techniques are no longer effective. Digital marketing is a strategy that successfully replaces it.

Digital marketing strategy is a marketing strategy with very wide. If you want to master it, you have to be willing to study many media at once and practice its science. More on what digital marketing is, benefits, advantages, advantages, and examples of digital marketing can be found in the discussion below.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is one of the new trends that you and the p team are obliged to The company is good at it if it doesn’t want to lose the competitive. Every expert has different ways of determining digital marketing. However, in this material we will refer to the world’s most prominent digital marketing experts. According to Market, digital marketing understanding is a tingling strategy high takes the form of promotion/advertising spread through search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), websites, social media, email, and applications. Based on the Smart Insights version, digital marketing understanding is an opportunity reaching consumers through devices, platforms, media, data, and digital technology. Meanwhile, Hub spot calls understanding digital marketing is all marketing effort by utilizing electronic devices and the internet. From this we can conclude that understanding digital marketing is a strategy to gain consumers by leveraging a wide range of physical as well as non-physical digital devices (tools).

Digital Marketing Over Ordinary Marketing Strategies

After knowing what digital marketing is directly from the experts, this time we will discuss some of the advantages of digital marketing over conventional marketing strategies, i.e. among them:

  • More Cost-Saving
    The first point of digital marketing surplus is its noteworthy cost cheaper than conventional marketing techniques. Early in the branding process, you’ll probably need a big cost. Once your brand and follower base (followers) are awakened, however, its digital marketing costs will also be less and less.
  • No Need for Many SDM Sales
    One of the biggest sources of conventional marketing expenditures is elementary school. However, this will not be a problem as you implement a digital marketing strategy. You no longer need to pay a lot of people to peddle products on housing or streets. Simply by spreading product promotions on social media, you can already sell products.
  • Marketing Teams Don’t Need to Go Into the Field
    This one’s digital marketing surplus is still related to points as well as points. Digital marketing is a strategy that keeps your team from having to go out of the house/office to look for consumers. Simply by sitting in front of a laptop/HP and leveraging the internet, your marketing team can already promote.
  • Easier Product Branding Process
    The fourth digital marketing surplus is a far-reaching branding process easy and fast. One of the biggest drawbacks of conventional marketing is its very limited promotional range. In a conventional strategy, you need to spend more money if you want to do branding to more consumers. Other things if you implement a digital marketing strategy. With just one time posting content or advertising, you can already reach out to consumers one Indonesian, even internationally.
  • Drastic Growth Potential
    The fifth point of digital marketing surplus is growth potential drastic from your business, especially from a sales standpoint. Currently, there are very many examples of advanced ventures in just a few months as it utilizes digital marketing strategies. With digital marketing, you don’t need 10 or 20 years to become an industry ruler.

Digital Marketing Benefits For Enterprises

After discussing the advantages of digital marketing over regular marketing, this time we will discuss the benefits of digital marketing specifically for the company, i.e., among other things:

  • Removing Region and Time Constraints While Marketing Products
    The first point of digital marketing benefits is the erasure of regional boundaries marketing. You are free to promote products to where and anytime, either on a local, national, or international scale.
  • Faster, Targeted Product Sales Systems
    The next digital marketing benefit is the product sales system quick and appropriate consumer interest. As you place an advertisement online, you could define the criteria for the person to be your consumer. Thus, your advertising will be more efficient and could result in easier sales.
  • Easier to Build Relationships with Consumers
    In the presence of digital marketing, you don’t You meet consumers face to face to give them service. Simply build interaction through social media and you can build engagement closely with them.
    Character-Suitable Product Personalization Opportunities Consumer
    The next digital marketing benefit is big his potential for product personalization. Through online promotion channels, you can while doing character profile research of people interested in your products/contents. After that, you could create product innovation according to the research data earlier.
  • Getting Many Profits in a Short Time
    Last point of digital marketing ad benefit It is an opportunity to earn many times more profit in a shorter time. While still in need of a major effort, digital marketing is the most effective and efficient strategy to reach more prospective consumn and promote products without always having to issue cost.

Digital Marketing Type

There are several types of digital marketing that could be You apply, among them:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    Search engine marketing or SEM is type digital marketing that focuses on product promotion through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on. This one digital marketing strategy is done through website creation, landing page (website especially promotion), installation of Ads, and so on.
  • Social Media Marketing
    The next type of digital marketing is social media marketing. You could apply this type of digital marketing one by utilizing various social media, such as Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other media according to consumer your targets.
  • Marketing Email
    The third type of digital marketing is email marketing, i.e. marketing by electronic mail (television). This one digital marketing strategy is best suited to be implemented by businesses with a business-to-business (B2B) model.
    Digital Advertising
    As the name suggests, digital advertising or digital ads is a type of digital marketing of advertising on various online channels, ranging from websites to social media. Some of the most popular digital ad channels e.g. Google Ads, FB/IG Ads, Youtube Ads, Ads Tiktok.
  • Content Marketing
    Content marketing is a type of digital marketing with a means of content, either whose form is writing, audio, image, or video. The content marketing process is typically done in tandem with social media marketing, email marketing, or digital ads.


So was our complete discussion of what it’s digital marketing, excesses, benefits, types, as well as digital marketing strategies and examples! Digital marketing is one of the most must-go skills any company has at the moment, so don’t get tired of unto learn it yes!

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