The Essential Role of Merchandise as a Business Promotion Media

The Essential Role of Merchandise as a Business Promotion Media
The Essential Role of Merchandise as a Business Promotion Media

Merchandise is typically given to consumers by the enterprise due to having followed or participated in certain activities. The product can be given both free and paid. Merchandise represents any form of product that displays a company or brand name, logo and other profiles, given to consumers. It is not just large companies that deliver merchandise to customers, small and medium business operators can also use it for business promotion activities promotion activities.

The Essential Role of Merchandise as a Business Promotion Media

This way is judged to be effective as one of strategies promotion due to merchandise has an important role as a promotional medium for improving brand awareness of business. Here are some important roles of merchandise as a promotional medium in business.

The Essential Role of Merchandise

  • Consumer Attraction
    People’s propensity to buy a product, sais the one to get merchandise offered from a particular brand. It is not uncommon for a consumer to buy a product or use a particular service to obtain its merchandise. This shows that merchandise has its own appeal to consumers. So if you’re a business operator or business owner, you could leverage this way to introduce new products as well as drive increased sales.
  • Promoting the Occurrence of Product Competitiveness
    Market competition crowded with diverse products certainly alone is not easy you win. You should be able to provide added value that can be the differentiator between your products by the competitors’ property. In this case, merchandise can be one way to attract consumers’ attention as well as be a differentiator from your competitors on the market. The more value you offer such will be seen by consumers as excellence and appeal. So that they are encouraged to buy your products.
  • Form of Appreciation
    When your company conducts an activity, you can at the same time give appreciation to consumers through merchandise giving. Because, by delivering the product to consumers, you indirectly appreciate them for having used your product.
  • Long-Term Promotional Media
    In general, the variety of merchandise that brand d gives company enterprise to a customer is long-term or could be used over a long time. This means consumers will be easier to remember your brand that is loaded in the merchandise. When compared to promotional media in the form of booklets or brochures, merchandise is judged to be superior. Because merchandise has longer utility than booklets or brochures. Thus, when consumers need the products or services you offer, they will consider purchasing another product. Due to role and function of merchandise enough important, then through those products you can leverage as an effective promotional medium. Your goal of increasing sales is achievable.

Consumer Popular and Preferred Merchandise

There are diverse types of merchandise that can be selected for business promotion activities. The price and utility of each merchandise vary as well. Usually to get a cheaper price, companies have to order merchandise in bulk. But it doesn’t preclude making a small amount of merchandise, certainly at a slightly more expensive price. Here are some of the popular merchandise types used for business promotion and consumer favorite ability.

  1. Jacket
    Exclusive impression immediately visible to consumers when The company gives merchandise in the form of a jacket. Usually large companies choose jackets as one of the merchandise. Let’s just say motorcycle companies. Later the jacket will be given to consumers when they make purchases of motorcycle units. If choosing a jacket merchandise, you can create a unique jacket design and then add it with a logo, brand and business tagline. Or it could also be a plain jacket that is then added with a logo, brand and on the part the front or the back of a jacket.
  2. T-shirts
    Apart from the jacket, collared T-shirt or collared T-shirt is also an exclusive merchandise option. With a wide range of fields, you can add logos, tagline brands as well as attractive merchandise designs. Later these attributes can be displayed using or embroidery techniques. T-shirts are suitable for being selected as merchandise for promotional activities you hold such as healthy roads or merry bicycles. T-shirts can also be distributed for consumers who have met the special promo requirements, for example, shopping by a certain amount, new product purchase, d purchase nature forms packages and others so on.
  3. Keychain
    The unique keychain is still a merchandise keychain for corporations, institutions as well as communities. In addition to reasonably affordable production costs, this rubber keychain is durable, does not break easily and could be made following desired designs. The attractive design will make the rubber keychain merchandise increasingly favorite by consumers.
  4. Tote Bag
    A tote bag is a model of a bag that can be carried with one hand or placed on one of the shoulders. For merchandise, usually tote bags made from canvas cloth material or commonly called canvas tote bag, spundbond cloth, blacu cloth and anyway the muse paper materials. As with T-shirts, tote bags are favorite by consumers as merchandise because they can be used in everyday activities. As for business people, the vast tote bag field makes it easy to display business attributes and promotion-contented designs. In terms of price, tote bags are more affordable compared to the production cost of merchandise jackets and T-shirts.
  5. Mugs or Tumblers
    Mugs or tumblers are often chosen as souvenirs for a variety of events ranging from birthday events to weddings. Mugs or tumblers become favorite merchandise because they are durable and can be used every day. If the mug has a choice of shape that limited, instead the tumbler offers more varied shape options. Even tumblers vary in size. The wider tumbler field compared to mugs allows you to add more promotional information.
  6. Briefcase and Travel Bag
    Travel agency companies usually choose exclusive merchandise in the form of suitcases and travel bags. Of course these two merchandises will be very encouraging for consumers who receive them because they could utilize both merchandises nature of travel to do. You can make suitcases and travel bags that are similar by highlighting colors identical to your business. Of course logos, brands and taglines can also be added using either embroidery techniques.
  7. Pen or Pencil
    A pen or pencil offers simplicity and at the same time the benefits that everyone from various circles needs. A pen or pencil is also the right choice to save merchandise-making budgets. You can hand out a pen or pencil for gifts or thanks to consumers who are involved in activities. For example, seminars or workshops.


After know the functions of merchandise that are so effective as promotional media and diverse types of merchandise. Are you interested in making merchandise for businesses? Before planning a merchandise creation, it’s good for you to think carefully about the right kind of merchandise for consumers. To determine the type of merchandise, first recognize the consumer character so that the merchandise function can be more optimal. For example, if consumers are dominated by children, then the right merchandise could be pens, pencils, notes, stationery containers and other similar merchandise. Meanwhile if more consumers come from working circles, you can choose merchandise in the form of tumblers, mugs or table calendars.

Pay attention the quality of merchandise materials you guys use. Often because it wants to curb the cost of merchandise production, merchandise is finally chosen with less quality materials. The quality of merchandise will eventually affect consumers’ assessment of the business. Quality merchandise will give you a positive impression. Rather, poor quality merchandise will trigger a bad impression and distrust of your business. In addition, good merchandise quality will make merchandise function as promotional media can run over a longer period of time. For example, a quality T-shirt will allow consumers to wear it over a long period of time.

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