The Importance of Product Positioning Strategy in Business Competition

The Importance of Product Positioning Strategy in Business Competition
The Importance of Product Positioning Strategy in Business Competition

What’s a product positioning strategy and why it is important in business competition? Refer to the explanation of the details! In building a business, positioning strategy is often overlooked by businesses. Positioning is a positioning of the product in the minds of consumers. Can say positioning is a scenario of marketing that is created with the aim to build the impression of consumers. Positioning focuses not on what the company is doing to the products, but rather how the product in the eyes of the consumer.

The way companies build the image of its products become an important point positioning. Many similar products, but with proper positioning your products remain competitive in the market. Kotler argues that “Positioning is the act of designing the company’s offer so that it occupies a distinct and value placed in the target customer’s mind”. Can be said to be the achievement of the activities of the positioning is the impression in the minds of consumers. More products of Your company memorable, the higher the interest of the consumers towards Your product. You need deals promise to consumers.

The Importance Of Product Positioning Strategy

The Target for the positioning strategy

The market competition is arguably very crazy. Found many products that are actually similar, but has a number of different requests. Just look at how competition among smartphone at this time. Every year-even throughout the year there are always new units with different specifications. Release in a particular month, a few months later there was already a new one. Prices ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions sold in the market. If examined further, these products can be accepted by the market because it has a positioning strategy that is good. The company knows the target to target and how to perform the promotion.

Every consumer has a need and the ability of consumption is different. There can be poured tens of millions for a product. There are only able to exchange a few hundred thousand to a product. Therefore, the company is targeting some of the classes. Top class with exorbitant prices and quality are very qualified, the middle class enough, and do not forget to scoop up the lower class. A business can be said to have a positioning strategy which is good if its products are superior among the similar products. Positioning strategy this can be done by paying attention to some of the target. These targets include:

  • Product Category

This strategy puts your products as the flagship of a category is similar. For example in the case of products bakpia kukus. In the mind of the consumer is definitely the first time that there is Bakpia Kukus Tugu. This is because not many who innovate to deliver bakpia kukus. Bakpia Kukus Tugu finally acceptable to consumers as an innovation that is unique and interesting.

  • According To The Competitors

This category is to put the position of your product is better than its major competitors. An example can be seen in the case of competition between Energen with Nestle Nestum. Equally carry the product is good for breakfast. How the consumption is also very easy because it only requires hot water. But Nestle Nestum claim that the breakfast was eaten not drunk. Consumers just want to drink nutritious food, or eat a nutritious meal?

  • Product Benefits

The product is positioned to have certain advantages, but functions the same. Supplements appetite enhancer brand A has a claim that its contents are very complete. On the other side of the supplements appetite enhancer B says that the product does not make the pain in the stomach. From the above cases, it can be understood that the two are the same-the same supplements appetite enhancer. It’s just one of them sell products with claims of more friendly on the hull. This kind of strategy provide opportunities product can be accepted by the market even if there is already its predecessor.

  • Product Attributes

Each product has its attributes respectively. These attributes can help a product to sell in the market. Just Water’s Jaden Smith can be accepted by the market due to its attributes are eccentric. If usually bottled mineral water bottle shaped plastic, Jaden using cardboard paper. Paperboard is generally found in dairy products and tea. But innovation Just Water pack water in the cardboard paper is very impressive.

  • Price and Product Quality

Pricing determine how the market is interested in Your product. Of course, accompanied by the qualified quality. If You set a market price but high quality standard-the standard course, of course Your products deserted enthusiasts. Inversely if You set a low price with excellent quality. However, surely there is no main material of high quality that has a cheap price. Here is a good marketing strategy plays a very important role. You can choose which components the price is not too high.

  • According To The Wearer

Often, an item is attached on certain icons in the community. For example, products shampoo V on the ad depicted as a product of the artist’s favorite A. Could also application of tutoring A attached to the artists that level of study to abroad. The impression of the artist-the artist who towed is then to affect the arrest of the consumer. The artist that education levels to foreign raises the consumer’s mind that this app really make clever.

Steps entering the market competition of the business

Once You know which target to target, You can get in on the determination of the strategy for entering the market competition. There are some steps You can take to get in the market competition of the business.

  • Product differentiation strategy

Product differentiation strategy is a strategy that focuses the difference. What distinguishes Your product with a similar product? How promising differentiating Your product from other products. A differentiating factor in your product is able to win the mind share of consumers. Consumers will help promote Your product from mouth to mouth if impressed. Product differentiation strategy is ultimately a strategic move so that Your product is easy to remember the consumer.

  • Branding strategy

This strategy is able to maintain the number of consumers that you have. The image of a product in the consumers ‘ eyes is a reflection of the credibility of Your product. By using the branding that fits consumers will even be proud of using your product. An example of how Apple build the branding of the company. No matter what is sold and how the shape, people will exchange their money with Apple products. Even for the former price of the goods belonging to the Apple still has a nominal high in the market. Much later popping up meme that says ‘Apple could sell a toothpick costing hundreds of dollars on their Apple’. Thus the strength of a brand is not in doubt. You need to build credibility so that falling consumer confidence in Your company.

  • Take the mind share of consumers

Mind share of consumers is the main thing to be won. Every consumer has different needs. Important for you to know who is the target market of Your product. Then offer a different product than ever to your customers. This is one of the winning strategies product positioning. Thus the importance of positioning strategy in business competition. You should be able to sort and choose which target You want to aim at.


Once You understand Your target, the credibility of the company can be viewed through the differentiation that You create. This will be directly proportional on how Your branding in the eyes of the consumer. To launch the strategy of positioning the business well, required the strict product quality control and monitoring of the stock regularly to meet the demand.

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