The Most Effective Type of Marketing Strategy With Example

The most effective type of marketing strategy along with the example
The most effective type of marketing strategy along with the example

Each strategy has a different edge. Hence Well, there are different types of marketing startup that you need to know well to be more effective when applied to business.

The most effective type of marketing strategy along with the example

What is a marketing strategy?

Before knowing the various marketing strategies further, you need to know the definition of a marketing strategy or often also called marketing strategy. A marketing strategy is the overall effort of a business to reach the target customer that prospectively, then change them to customer must for both services and products a business.

Marketing Strategy vs Marketing Plan

In addition to marketing strategies or marketing strategies, you’re also met the term marketing plan. What’s the difference? Marketing plan is part of a marketing strategy that covers detailed marketing activity documents and contains schedules from marketing to be carried out. Ideally, a marketing strategy must be compared to marketing plan.

This is because the marketing strategy includes a big picture of the message it wants to deliver, while the marketing plan describes the detail of the need to implement the existing strategy. In order to choose the most effective marketing strategy, the company must look at the most important aspects that sustain its business. Certain products may need to be marketed in a way conventional, but there are also more effective products when promoted digitally.

The most effective type of marketing strategy

In order to choose the most effective marketing strategy, company should look at the most important aspects that sustain his business. Certain products may need to be marketed in a conventional way, but there are also products that are more effective when promoted in a manner digital. Here are some kinds of marketing strategies that used:

  1. Paid advertising

On paid advertising, the company pays advertising space provider agar can display the product in the space. The price paid is usually determined through negotiations between the marketer and the advertising space provider. Paid advertising consists of multiple categories, among them display ads or banners, pay-per-impression (PPI), and pay-per-click (PPC).This way is very effective for companies that want to show their name to an audience on a broad scale.

  1. Transactional marketing

One of the biggest challenges faced by companies great though is meeting sales targets. However, the existence of a transactional marketing strategy turned out to be quite effectively addressing this problem. Companies that use this strategy are capable of attract consumers through shopping coupons, discounts, promotions, and pickles a big event. Finally, consume is interested in buying more products on offer.

  1. Social media marketing

Currently, more than 2.8 billion people are actively using media social. Social media marketing is also easy to use, save costs, and could target many targets so that these strategies can be implemented by various companies. Social media marketing focused on use of social networking sites or applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and the like. given that the scope is so wide, companies can build brands in a fast time.

  1. Interactive marketing

Interactive marketing strategy involving consumer participation the nature of the marketing process itself. For example, companies can include consumer names or other customizations on limited edition products. This method allows consumers to get information updated regarding a product or service. That way, consumer demand over such dukes or services will increase.

  1. Content marketing

The next type of marketing strategy is content marketing. This strategy focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract consumers. Instead of making a direct offer, the company instead gave right the information consumers need so they are interested against a product. Marketing through content can be applied by both small and large companies. In order for created content to be of high quality and capable of attracting consumers’ interest, companies must have competent content creators.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of obtaining traffic from organ search result, editorial, as well as free on search engines. This strategy is closely related to content marketing, even contributing to determining whether a content can be said to be of quality. Content that meets SEO will take the top spot on the search results. If content it rises rapidly, the company will get high traffic. This can increase brand awareness so that the number of consumers contributes.

7. Earned media (public relation)

Earned media constitutes public that could be obtained in various ways that tended to be easy, such as; social media testimonies, word-of-mouth talks or so on. The thing you need to underline, earned media is free or organic media. Therefore, earned media can also be referred to as “free media”.

  1. Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is strategy a business to attract consumers by creating content that is of value and a consumer-customized experience. The method of inbound marketing is to develop businesses by establishing long-term relationships with both consumers, prospective consumers and customers.

Thus, a product and service will continue together with consumers on their every journey. For inbound marketing strategies, messages delivered consumer highly important because it must be relevant and appropriate. Unlike marketing strategies that tend to bore and annoy consumers.

  1. Telemarketing

This type of marketing strategy is It’s familiar to you, though marketing by telemarketing is still considered effective by some companies. This marketing uses a direct marketing method whereby a salesperson offers a product or service through a telephone connection or web conference as agreed with a prospective customer. Examples of telemarketing strategies are credit card offerings to customers, or during telemarketing company communications offers a post paid card service.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is procedur that marketers do to achieve marketing goals by sending advertising emails to multiple customers or audiences that are targeted by the business. Although it’s relatively effective, you need to pay attention to the right strategies in conducting email marketing.

It’s because, with titles and content that’s not interesting, as well as sending too often will make your email marketing even less open, spam or instantly removed target audiences. As for a wide variety of email marketing commonly used in marketing strategies such as email newsletter, press release email, and transactional email.


Marketing strategy beneficial for makes the process of promoting products as well as services easier. Companies can also acquire target consumers quickly to sustain future business growth. A company can choose more than one type of marketing strategy as long as all of these strategies run synergistically. Taking brand awareness into consideration, the company must ensure that both the products and services it owns are compatible with the marketing strategy yang selected. Interested in learning more marketing strategies? You can start by getting acquainted with digital marketing.

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