Understanding the Basics of Search Engine Marketing

Understanding the Basics of Search Engine Marketing
Understanding the Basics of Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form pan online search engine to increase website visibility on search engine results pages. In other words “buy” traffic by paying for search engines like Google. Search engines are widely accessed by the public to search for various information on the internet. Included for searching for product or service information along with review thereof.

By using SEM strategy, marketers can increase the likelihood of prospective consumers visiting business websites when they search for information. The way SEM works i.e. advertising selects some keywords related to products or services sold. Thus, when people search for those key verbs, the search engine will display paid search results.

Basic Search Engine Marketing

What Is the Importance of Using SEM?

SEM becomes an effective promotional medium and be the quickest way to direct prospective consumers to your website. Why? Because effective SEM can put your website on the first page in a search engine. Search engine users generally only access those sites on the first page in the search engine when they search for information. That way, an effective SEM will increase the likelihood of your website selected by prospective consumers who need information.

Prospective consumers conducting the search will information consciously visits your website because it is done of its own accord so that they are in excellent circumstances to receive marketing and product information. In contrast to advertisements on television, radio or other social media that appear by interrupting consumer activities. Search engine marketing reaches consumers at the right time, namely when they open to new information.

Differences with SEM and SEO

Basically search engine optimization or SEO represents one type of search engine marketing. SEO optimizes organic search results by keeping your website at the highest position on the search engine search results page. While SEM conducts marketing by increasing website visibility through organic search results as well as through advertising. So SEM includes various activities, namely SEO as well as marketing strategies in other search engines such as pay per click (PPC) and even social media marketing (SMM).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Working Systems

Inside Search Engine Marketing, you must focus on driving more traffic to specific areas within the website that are targeted. Search Engine Marketing is used to:

  • Create new leads or prospective consumers.
  • Sells a product.
  • Build a specific brand or brand.
  • Switching traffic from competing parties.
  • There are some basic points that form the basis of strategy Search Engine Marketing, which is keyword research and keyword grouping.

Keyword research is essential to do before specifying which keywords to use for the SEM strategy. The steps for performing keyword research are as follows:

  • Performing identification and creating lists that contains keywords that are relevant to the business, and that may be used by customers when searching for your products.
  • When doing keyword research, you also can adding keywords that have the potential to make purchases such as purchases, discounts, coupons, promos, and other keywords that have purchase intents.
  • After getting the list of keywords that are the essentials of keyword research, the next step is to create a campaign structure by grouping keywords into multiple categories.

In creating an SEM strategy, you should not carelessly in registering keywords for advertisements in search results. However you must group keywords in a particular category. For example, you have an online clothing store that sells a variety of clothes such as clothes, pants, jackets, to hats. Then you should create categories based on your product type. Any such keyword group, you can enter kata key that is still relevant. For example, in the pants keyword group, there are some keywords such as trousers, jeans, men’s jeans, women’s jeans, and others.

Search engine using complicated algorithms for ensures the most relevant results for each search. However with SEM ads you will appear at the top and next to the results page of the displacing engine to gain more visibility compared to organic search. To achieve those results, this way you could do when wanting to adopt search engine marketing services:

  • Perform registration on the search engine marketing service provider.
  • Specify desired ad detail such as keywords, location and another so forth.
  • Search engine will do auction between advertisers the same keyword.
  • Search engine will display auction winners on results page a displacing machine.
  • You got the ad performance report and next pay the click one gets.

As previously described the SEM is realized by pinning the keyword on the format used. Before specifying the keywords to be pinned as in the second point, research is usually done first to find out what trends were most searched at the time. Then from those trends, determine which ones are relevant and which allow wear when searching for the products or services you provide. When doing research, you may also add keywords related to purchasing activities such as buying, discounts, coupons, promos and other keywords that have purchase intents. There are many webiste that give this research service like Ahrefs, Google Trends to Uber suggest. For example Google Trends that provide trending keyword suggestions in real time. In addition Google Trends can also show information in which region its search volume is high.

Benefits of SEM to Business

The use of SEM as a means of marketing in the business in the right and right ways will help your business grow. You can also increase brand awareness on your products. What more benefits than other SEMs?

  1. Quick Results

SEM manufacturing processes such as Google Adwords include fast processes. What’s more, you can see results after your business ads have already been released. SEM is recognized as superior in terms of speed compared to SEO which takes longer.

  1. Target Marketing

The use of SEM benefits a marketer because they can directly deliver the advertisements they want at the appropriate target market.

  1. In accordance with the Budget

You can adjust to your abilities and desires. When your business’ financial budget for SEM no longer exists, then those ads will automatically stop.

Overuse of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategies

The following are some overuse search engine marketing (SEM) strategies:

  • Reached By Multiple Audiences

No one doubts the affordability of such a wide search engine. Any information uploaded is truly capable of being viewed by an audience almost around the world. Google, the most popular search engine, is currently able to spread info from 1.9 billion websites with 400 million searches a day by more than 90.4% of the world’s internet users. Your marketing information certainly doesn’t reach this much number. Yet you could estimate how many people you might reach. The more you are seen by the audience, the more opportunities to get new consumers. And SEM has this service for you.

  • Have Target Options As Desired

Another SEM excellence you can gain is targetable. Marketing with search engines gives you the flexibility to select very specific targets through relevant keywords and phrases. Additionally Google Adwords lets you target based on specific devices, locations, times, and languages. As such, every click gained from your website comes from an audience who does love as well as need your product and is very potentially a consumer.

  • Increasing Website Visit Traffic

SEM makes your marketing website top the search engine list. The affordability of this audience vision will increase the chances of your website being opened and your content being enjoyed.

  • Can Control Budget

Search engine marketing adopts a pay-per-click (PPC) system that is you pay only content that actually gets clicks from an audience. With this system you could use marketing costs more wisely and certainly more efficiently. This system makes SEM cheaper than traditional advertising on television, radio, newspapers and magazines as well as more targeted.

  • Efficiency Measured Clearly and Easily

When you decide to do marketing with technology, there will be data provided to make it easier for you to measure performance. So do you when you do marketing using search engines. These data can later be tailored to your marketing objectives to find out whether or not the content is working effectively. You can also track ROI so that it is known where you should put most of the budget to increase sales.

  • Giving the Opportunity to Perform Testing

Surely you don’t know if later promotional content created will work or not. However there is no need to worry, because in this method you can test your advertising materials against each other to compare results. This testing will give you the opportunity to fine-tune your promotional content and make it work as effectively as possible.

Lack of SEM Usage

As for some of the shortcomings of using search engine marketing (SEM) strategies are as follows:

  • Competitive

Search engines contain billions of information including the same information you want to provide. Especially if the keywords used are quite popular. So prepare with high competition for the top spot. It is actually effortable. But it costs a lot more for your marketing efforts to impact the audience.

  • Takes More Time

It takes more time than you realize to research really powerful keywords. In addition the devices and applications used have so many features that it takes time to learn them. Plus this method requires you to monitor and update your content material constantly. Whereas it’s dredged determine the time to find out combination of promotional texts, review results and test those materials to maintain the best results.

  • Changed Algorithms

Algorithm changes become challenges that are often encountered when applying SEM methods. As Google knows it changes algorithms up to 600 times a year. Most of those changes are small in scale and thus are not realized. It takes a lot of effort to keep up with it, as those changes have an impact on your marketing and could be un deal.

  • Visual Content Minimal

Audiences today tend to like content that contains pictures and videos. Meanwhile for advertising using SEM it is still rare to find visuals like this. For those of you whose marketing is in dire need of visual content, it may be possible to think again about using this method because it could be less relevant.

  • Avoided Content

Audiences also tend to avoid advertising. When they learn that your article, caption, photo, video or audio is an advertisement, there are many who are trying to get off the page. Or indeed those audiences are looking for certain results and don’t want to be bothered by advertising. Meanwhile, if you use a marketing method with search engines, The automatic green box marked “AD” will be saved on him. This is what makes marketing content through search engines often avoided.

  • Visibility Does Not Last Long

One of the benefits of SEM is that your content will soon appear and be on the top line of the search. However such thing will disappear immediately if you stop paying.

  • Cost Waste Gap

This deficiency is related to the previous point. You may be able to save by paying based on the clicks received. However, this is also what becomes a loophole for wasteful expenses. You will be billed whenever an audience decides to click on that website. It can actually be stopped. Yet when you stop paying, brand you pun will be wilted.


That was some of the basics of search engine marketing that are expected to further enhance your marketing. In order to carry out efficient marketing activities, it is best to be balanced against sound financial management.

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