What is Business Consulting? Acquaintance with the Profession, Duties and Responsibilities

What is Business Consulting? Acquaintance with the Profession, Duties and Responsibilities
What is Business Consulting? Acquaintance with the Profession, Duties and Responsibilities

As a freelance consultant or independent consultant, you will do the job business consultants per project for a business that does not have a direct affiliation with you. Both this role gives you the opportunity to offer service to many clients and work for yourself instead of as employees of the company.

However, if you worked as an independent consultant, you may not always be a freelancer. Because you might work for a particular company which is giving the contract to a lot of clients and offer you the job. Another difference in the role of consultant business, including the structure of the salary potential, work arrangements, travel requirements, employment outlook and education.

Acquaintance Is Away with Business Consultants

What is Business Consulting?

Literally, Business consultants is a business or a job that is executed by providing guidance, both for businesses and individuals. Instead of just giving advice to the company, but should also be able to provide a solution for a problem. In general, the Business consultant is required by a variety of other businesses who want to consult on the planning and development of the company.

The task of a Business Consultant or Business consultant

Instead of just giving advice, business consultant also has some other task. For more details about the job of a business consultant, among others:

  1. Providing consulting services

For those of you who want to become a business consultant, then you should be able and able to provide consulting service to the clients you later. You also have to learn the business thoroughly and examine in detail the client’s data to avoid the failure at the time of consultation.

  1. Identify existing problems

In addition to giving advice, you should also be able to identify existing problems within the company. Then you should also be able to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of client activity

  1. Provide solutions to problems that have been identified

After identifying the problem, you should also be able to analyze and provide solutions and be able to identify the problem and provide a solution for the right target.

  1. Create a business plan and see the opportunities that exist

You are also obliged to develop a business plan. You also need to know what is being done to meet the target the desired customer.

  1. Actively establish good communication

You should also be able to and have the time to actively communicate with the client. It aims to be able to continue to provide information relevant to the progress of the business of the company.

Responsibility Business Consultant

Below are some of the responsibility you have to bear when you want to become a business consultant for a company.

  1. Organize and carry out business projects in service over the company (recruitment, payroll, promotional campaigns, and so on) appropriate and based on the needs of the company.
  2. Meet with clients who are affected in terms of the need to provide an initial assessment of the situation concerned.
  3. Gather information about the client’s business through a variety of methods (observation, interview, survey, report, and so on)
  4. Analyze and interpret data to solve problems, explore the weaknesses, as well as to understand the cause.
  5. Provide recommendations and to get a solution by considering the desire, ability, and limit the client.
  6. Present the results and suggestions that are pretty and practical.
  7. Develop a detailed business plan to drive change.
  8. Help the client implement the plan and complete the difference occasionally.
  9. Provide advice on issues and to resolve any problem happened.

The skills and Knowledge that Need to be Owned Business Consultant

  1. Establish active communication with clients in order to be able to provide relevant information to the client for the progress of the businesses that run the client.
  2. Able to and understand business management software like CRM, ERP, and database.
  3. Have knowledge of the business. Because a consultant is a figure of the strategy and targets for the business can survive in the long term.
  4. Business consultant needs to provide consulting services, so that the need to examine in detail the data from the client in order to avoid miss communication at the time of the granting of the consultation.
  5. Understand the strategy of sales and marketing in order to know the right steps to gain profit or profit for the company.
  6. Has the ability of persuasion that good so the strategy is offered to the client can be understood and approved of the client.
  7. Have knowledge about business, marketing, IT, Human Resources, and others.
  8. Need to have time management work better.

Advantages and disadvantages of Freelance Work

  • Excess
  1. Not tied to hours worked, where, working as a freelance judged not from the presence or attendance office, but from the result. These factors make this job is suitable for people who have time constraints but still can get the job done well.
  2. Free location to work by being a freelance, you are also not obliged to be present in the office. So, suitable for you who want to avoid the traffic in the streets, or for those who want to do remote work on inter-city or country.
  3. The income, the outcome of salary, a freelancer is fluctuating or not fix. In which, their income depends of the number of projects undertaken. So, make the freelancer can set whether you want to earn more income or not each month.
  4. Prospective, many companies are requires a freelancer, it is proved with the number of site services provider freelance appear. So, this can be used as an opportunity to become a freelancer is very high.
  • Deficiency
  1. Supporting facilities, because it does not have the company remain, then you usually do not have insurance, or office facilities of the other.
  2. The loss of inspiration, with its many projects from various industries, it is not impossible freelancer will lose the inspiration. Usually this happens often to those in creative industries such as content writer, web designer, web developer.
  3. Difficult to socialize, because it does not have the company remain and are not obliged to office, usually freelancers will have difficulty socializing and it is difficult to have friends.
  4. Social Status, for the majority of people consider the work of a freelancer is not there and often give rise to the misconception that freelancers are an unemployed man.


If you want to try to start a business became a freelance consultant or open a consulting company, you can introduce the services of you to the closest people, such as friends, family, companions, and so on. If the service or services which you provide including nice and have a big impact for the business, your customers will be happy to promote your business to people nearby.

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